Little Black Notebook
Little Black Notebook superhero stories

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was inspired by a speech i heard about dreaming. enjoy

Little Black Notebook

I have a little black notebook. In it, I create the heroes who fight my villains. They fight my doubts, fears, and insecurities.

Every page is an epic battle where my own personal Avengers battle my demons. A masked vigilante fights my doubts, screaming all my achievements and sources of pride as he goes.

Every blow met with another reminder of previous failure, yet another baseless insult fired at me years ago, the battle rages on still. Elsewhere, a suave businessman battles fear.

CEO by day, superhero by night. He speaks calming words to the fear. Quelling the fear of failure, extinguishing fears of heights, spiders, and drowning. He’s one of my favorites.

Other times I go to an interesting character, a mentor of sorts. I call him The Night Owl. I met the owl one anxious December evening.

He flew onto my window sill and spoke words of comfort and peace, he’s been a mainstay ever since.

My little black notebook carries pages of heroes who fight the battles I’m afraid to fight in my life.

The notebook is a confessionary, a safe haven to admit all my fears and flaws and deal with them. I could take you through more, but that would take ages.

Find your own little black notebook my friends, for it is a battlefield where the only casualties are the warmongers themselves.

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