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Multiverse Updates - Observation File 2 Observed by XX-XXXXXX


Multiverse Updates - Observation File 2

Observed by XX-XXXXXX


Date: XX-XX-XX

We have started regular surveillance on Entity 3325 (Name "Wrath!Sans"). 3325 is regularly travelling between AUs, stating that it searches for XX-XXXXXX.

3325 has not caused any harm to multiversal boundaries nor to any AUs.

We have not spotted Entity 9983 (Name "Symbol!Sans"), though we have spotted Entities 8456 (Name "Level!Error") and 2276 (Name "Level!Nightmare").

They seem to be preforming mostly tedious tasks, such as fetching foods like chocolate, tacos, and chicken alfredo.

On a few occasions they have appeared at possible multiversal conflicts and prevented them. It seems possible that Entity 9983/Symbol!Sans is attempting to keep the multiverse peaceful.

There are no more enslaved Alternate Sanses that we have noticed. The replacements Error!Sans and Nightmare!Sans have settled in their positions after our mind wipe procedures.

We will continue to watch Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans and Entity 9983/Symbol!Sans.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Entity 3564 (Name "Fresh!Fell") has encountered Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans.

No major conflict occurred, though Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans showed confusion and eventually irritation towards Entity 3564/Fresh!Fell. The two entities parted ways without any other interactions.

We attempted to follow Entity 3564/Fresh!Fell with a unit, but he disappeared completely via teleportation.

Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans traveled through AU 4109 (Name "Underswap") and encountered Entity 5836 (Name "Swap!Sans"). Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans showed kindness and sadness towards 5836/Swap!Sans.

After confirming that XX-XXXXXX was not present, or at least not the one 3325/Wrath!Sans sought, 3325 left.

Entities 8456/Level!Error and 2276/Level!Nightmare have only been spotted twice, once bearing popcorn, and the other instance carrying chicken alfredo.

Side note - It appears that Entity 9983/Symbol!Sans enjoys the substances of chicken alfredo and "Dr. Pepper".

Date: XX-XX-XX

Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans encountered Entity 3564/Fresh!Fell once again. It is apparent that Entity 3564/Fresh!Fell has taken interest in Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans.

Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans's reaction was one of irritation and slight surprise.

Entity 3564/Fresh!Fell spoke briefly to Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans, and 3325/Wrath!Sans quickly dismissed 3564/Fresh!Fell with obvious ire.

All sightings of Entities 8456/Level!Error and 2276/Level!Nightmare have remained the same in basis; they are always bearing some kind of food or drink, most usually chicken alfredo and "Dr.

Pepper". Their condition has not changed.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans traveled through AU 9475 (Name "Underfell"). Entity 3325/Wrath!Sans gained respect there partially due to 3325/Wrath!Sans's dangerous appearance.

A few other entities challenged 3325/Wrath!Sans, and they were eliminated.

Eventually, appearing irritated, 3325/Wrath!Sans resorted to teleporting around AU 9475/Underfell until 3325/Wrath!Sans confirmed that the version of XX-XXXXXX that 3325/Wrath!

Sans was looking for was not there. 3325/Wrath!Sans then moved on. All sightings of Entities 8456/Level!Error and 2276/Level!Nightmare have remained the same. Their condition has not changed.

There have been no sightings of Entity 9983/Symbol!Sans.


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