Ship Rating.... Here we go....
Ship Rating.... Here we go.... undertale stories

feartheunknown2 The proud Irishman
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Ship Rating

Ship Rating.... Here we go....

Here are the ships I have to rate: Errink -Crossmare -Cream -CherryBerry -AfterDeath

-SciFell -Lustfell -Kustard -Errormare -DrInk -Dreamberry -Charisk -Frans -Soriel -Kans (sans x ketchup) -Papyton -Alphdyne aaand Killermare


HERE WE GO *Inhale*

ErrInk (Error!Sans x Ink!Sans) I ship this. 95% A

Crossmare (Cross!Sans x Nightmare!Sans) I mean, it's cute. I'll take it. 85% B

Cream (Cross x Dream) Yeah.... I love this one. 95% A

CherryBerry (Fell!Sans x Swap!Sans) It's cute, in a way, but it just ain't my cup of ketchup. 75% C

AfterDeath (After!Sans x Reaper!Sans) A solid meh for me. Sorry. 70% C-

Scifell (Science!Sans x Fell!Sans) I like it! 80% B-

Lustfell (Lust!Sans x Fell!Sans) eh. 65% D

Kustard (Fell!Sans x Classic!Sans) I mean.... not bad, not too good. 70% C-

Errormare (Error!Sans x Nightmare!Sans) Sorry, Noot. Ink takes precedence. 75% C

DrInk (Dream!Sans x Ink!Sans) These two belong to other Sanses in my mind. 80% B-

DreamBerry (Dream!Sans x Swap!Sans) It's so ADORABLE! 90% A-

Charisk (Chara x Frisk) You should all know by now. 110% A++

Frans (Sans x Frisk) My first-ever ship. 90% A-

Soriel (Sans x Toriel) I like this one very much. 85% B

KANS (Sans x Ketchup) YES. 100% A+

Papyton (Papyrus x Mettaton) So what, I like it. Sue me. 95% A

Killermare (Killer!Sans x Nightmare!Sans) Brownie points for spawning a really cool ship child. 85% B

All done! Thanks to the Almighty Emerald for helping me gather the images for these ships! I hope you enjoyed!

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