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Multiverse Updates - Observation File 1 Observed by XX-XXXXXX

File for XX-XXXXXX- R1

Multiverse Updates - Observation File 1

Observed by XX-XXXXXX


Date: XX-XX-XX

Symbol!Sans (AKA 'Scribble') has been teleporting randomly through AUs, seemingly looking for something. He has not entered Level!Sans form at all.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Symbol!Sans has started stalking entity Error!Sans, with a possible violent intent. Form has stayed as Symbol!Sans

Date: XX-XX-XX

Symbol!Sans cornered Error!Sans and shifted into Level!Sans. Error!Sans has been beaten and seemingly enslaved via magical means.

Error!Sans's right eye has a small crack on it and eyes are blank. Right eye radiating black energy, strings used by Error!Sans have turned jet-black. Classifying new entity as Level!Error.

Possible threat need to watch. Symbol!Sans changed to Level!Sans once, as described.

Date: XX-XX-XX

We have found another Error!Sans identical to the previous one in a timeline of Errortale. He has been inserted as replacement. Multiverse should stay balanced.

Note: find a Nightmare!Sans duplicate. Symbol!Sans has been stalking the original, and we are unable to apprehend Symbol!Sans or Level!Error. Symbol!Sans has stayed in Symbol form.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Nightmare!Sans has been captured and enslaved by Symbol!Sans. Nightmare!Sans now bears a crack over visible right eye, and right eye is blank. Right eye radiating black energy.

New Entity: Level!Nightmare. We have found a replacement duplicate for Nightmare!Sans in an alternate timeline. Symbol!Sans has turned to Level!Sans once, as described above.

Side note - version of Fresh!Sans has traveled through AU "Punkfell" and seemingly adopted the style of the inhabitants.

Underfell Sans's jacket seems to have been stolen and modified by Fresh!Sans (Alternate 26). This Fresh has started calling himself FreshFell Sans. New Entity: Fresh!Fell.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Symbol!Sans has stopped stalking the Multiverse and is currently sitting with his new underlings in his AU ('SymbolVoid') watching through various AUs on some kind of screen.

Symbol!Sans has stayed in his Original form.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Symbol!Sans has been sending Level!Error and Level!Nightmare out for comfort foods such as chocolate, popcorn, and tacos. No new occurrences. Symbol!Sans has stayed Symbol!Sans.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Symbol!Sans has noticed our surveillance --- He has threatened us with death or serious harm. Our teams will pull back.

Date: XX-XX-XX

Serious event occurrence --- AUs "Snowtale" and "Underwaste" have melded together into "Wrathtale". Cause: rogue Chara.

Chara was destroyed by new entity formed by melding of Snowtale Sans (Amatic!Sans) and Underwaste Sans (Spectral!Sans). New Entity: Wrath!Sans (Wrathtale Sans). Wrath!Sans category: anomaly.

Seems to be searching for XX-XXXXXX.


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