Changes and Cancellations
Changes and Cancellations  contest stories

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Those who are in the Fears contest, be sure to read this!

Changes and Cancellations

I want to start off by announcing the cancelations.


I know that a few of you may be disappointed, and I'm sorry about that. However, I feel that this series was rushed and not well thought through. I believe that I'd rather make something with a little more effort. I may revisit this one day, so don't be too upset!

Fears Contest

This was a bit of a flop. I believe that, if I had given a bit more thought into it, it may have ended better. I will now name the placing of those in the contest.

Nyctophobia @mizukiashni_16 In my opinion, it was well made, but read more like a report than anything. With my ADHD, it struggled to hold my attention.

what i fear.... @anime senpaii I very much enjoyed this, with its poetic nature and dark truthful ringing. However, I think it would have been even greater if it had some more length to it.

The Countdown @0051370 With amazing suspense and a well crafted plot, I found this entry to be very much enjoyable.

The Dark @hanz1 This had some nightmarish elements mixed with triumph and relief. I believe this may be one of my favorites.

No Way Out @cool_person Most definitely my favorite, with astounding imagery and perfect accompanying images. Keep it up, my friend!

Now, for the changes. I will be uploading less often, and my works will (hopefully) have some more prestige to them. I intend to put more focus into fewer projects rather than less into more. I will still be active as ever! This just means that I won't be sharting out content every day.

"You must learn the rules like a pro in order to break them like an artist." -Pablo Picasso

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