The Adventures of Scribble the Skeleton: Return of the Lost Enemy
The Adventures of Scribble the Skeleton: Return of the Lost Enemy undertale stories
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The second story in the tales of Scribble the Skeleton. Next, I'm thinking about writing story where Scribble interacts with a whole bunch of different Sans. Comment which Sans Scribble should interact with!

The Adventures of Scribble the Skeleton: Return of the Lost Enemy

Scribble chuckled to himself as he walked through the curtain of thin air and into the bright white background that marked the space of the Multiverse.

He had just completed a task that was considered near impossible by many with ease. He just split a small incision in the fabric of a certain AU so that he could transport himself out of it.

Scribble looked around himself and sighed contentedly.

"Now, where to next? Maybe I could stop by Underswap, or maybe Genocide Undertale? Nah, I don't much like OG Chara, or any of the Charas for that matter.

What do we have here?

" He waved his hand over a blank space, and a large amount of tiny moving images appeared framed in an intense glowing purple color that matched the skeletons' eye and hoodie. "Hmmm....

" His eye scanned through these tiny images with interest. He passed over a picture of a scrawny acne-covered teenager being confronted by what appeared to be a roman emperor.

"Nope" Next was a large purple man bearing a golden gauntlet covered with different colored stones facing off with a man in a battered iron suit.

"Too dramatic" After this was a bunch of animitronic animals bearing down on a man in a purple security suit. "Don't want to get involved.

" Then Scribble sighed, this time bored, and dissipated the small images with a wave of his skeletal hand. Suddenly another voice spoke somewhere behind him.

"Hello there! I haven't seen another Sans with this much power in ages! Where do you come from, sir?

" Scribble turned around to see a skeleton (much like himself, most likely another Sans, he thought), standing about six foot seven, with colorful eyes, clothing and pretty much everything else.

Next to him he held an oversized paintbrush with a starburst of more colors on its end. Scribble took all this in with one conclusion. "You must be ever-famous Ink." The response came swiftly.

"As always! Whats your name?" "I am Scribble the Skeleton, though you probably haven't ever heard of me" "As a matter of fact, I haven't", said Ink.

"However, I do need help, and you seem just the right Sans to ask." Scribble thought for a second. "Go on." "You see, me and most of the other Sans's are having a somewhat large problem.

A Chara from an unknown AU is running around wreaking havoc all over the multiverse. Even I can't do much about her. So all of us Sans's are going to have a meeting tomorrow.

Care to come?" Scribble paused for a moment. "I don't see why not."


Scribble appeared suddenly in a large empty space surrounded by a bubble of bright colors. He didn't even stop at the entrance, teleporting right inside of it.

He had a feeling that any other being that tried to cross without permission wouldn't be able to. Scribble looked around and saw an amazing sight.

Grouped around a massive glowing table (also made of several colors) was the largest gathering of Sans he had ever seen.

He could spot Sans from Underfell, Flowerfell, Gastertale, Underswap, Underhell, Horrortale, Aftertale, and even Dusttale.

Scribble saw Fresh Sans, Nightmare, Dream, Killer Sans, Omega Sans (looming in the background with Nightmare) and, at the head of the table, Ink.

Scribble waved his hand at a random spot and a comfortable La-Z-Boy appeared. He sat back, reclining, and relaxed. He was drifting off when a hand appeared on his shoulder.

"Nice seat" The mystery Sans pulled up a metal chair next to him, revealing an excited skeleton dressed mostly in blue that seemed so overly caffeinated that he could barely stay in his chair.

"Ohhh boy! Cool scar buddy! I've never seen you before! What's your name?" Scribble smiled, amused by this bouncing little Sans. " I'm Scribble.

What's your name little fella?" "I`m Underswap Sans, but you can call me Blueberry.

Hey, what AU do you come from? How'd you get that scar? Why are you so purple?" "Whoa, whoa, slow down there! Now, one at a time.

" Blueberry opened his mouth to respond when Ink sent a firework of a whole bunch of shades of red into the sky, and everybody went silent.

"Now, we all know why we are here, yes?" There was a general mumble of assent among the crowd. Ink cleared his throat, and the mumbling stopped.

"Does anybody have an idea as to what to do with this Chara?" "Isn't it obvious?", yelled the Sans from Underfell. "We corner this runt, and then we destroy her!" Ink sighed.

"We've already tried and failed doing that, Underfell Sans" Another Sans yelled, "How about we-" Then that Sans stopped dead, staring at the entrance of the bubble.

Standing there, holding a knife, was the Chara from Warrirortale. Scribble was shocked. He was sure that Chara was dead.

Yet, there she was, seemingly half melted, her skin gone one side of her body. There was nothing but bone there, though it seemed that her arm worked fine.

Then she looked straight at Scribble, and seemed even more surprised than he was. Then his shock turned to rage. This Chara killed everything he ever had, his family, his friends, his entire AU.

He suddenly moved, quicker than a cheetah, and fired a barrage of snapped bones. Chara, coming out of her own shock, barely managed to dodge. "Seems like you've gotten slower", growled Scribble.

Chara slashed at him, but missed by several inches. "Seems like you've gotten uglier", came Charas' retort. This went on for several hours, all of the other Sans watching in suspense.

This time, though, Chara wasn't able to keep up with Scribble, and he soon gained the upper edge, fighting faster than light cuts through a dark room.

When Scribble was about to make the final strike, Chara, her rib cage broken and body damaged, suddenly teleported away. Scribble growled in frustration.

The rest of the AU Sans stood in silence, shocked by what they had just witnessed. "She'll be back!" he shouted. "When she does, just find me.

" With that unhappy note, Scribble waved his hand and vanished.

Thanks for reading! Next, I'm thinking about writing story where Scribble interacts with a whole bunch of different Sans. Comment which Sanses Scribble should interact with! -Feartheunknown

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