Apollo Renovatur
Apollo Renovatur science fiction stories
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Be prepared for the greatest adventure that NASA ever planned.... and did not plan! There may or may not be a follow-up.... if you want one, comment or like. BTW this is my entry to the sci-fi contest

Apollo Renovatur

John glanced up at the spaceship he was about to pilot. A gleaming white rocket resembling a missle stood eighty-six feet tall.

Written in glowing orange was the vessels' name: Apollo Renovatur, which meant Apollo Renewed in latin.

Capable of going a million light years per hour, this spaceship was the most powerful and expensive thing NASA had ever created.

John was responsible for guiding it, surveying equipment and the crew safely to the Andromeda Galaxy and back. He dressed himself in his anti-G force suit, which made him feel extremely light.

He had to be carried to the ship , because one powerful step could send him thousands of feet in the air. Finally, John and his crew were strapped into the rocket.

John started checking all of the systems. The fuel was good, engine was fine and air pressure was supreme. Then came the countdown.

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Lift Off.

The rocket exploded off the launch pad with massive force, quickly leaving the ground behind in a grey and orange mushroom cloud. Sliding easily through the atmosphere and passing mars quickly.

John barely had time to see the famous red dot before it disappeared. Then came the rest of the planets, and then asteroids.

The powerful hull smashed through these chunks of rock without a problem. John checked the speedometer. Five hundred thousand light years per hour. Seven hundred thousand.

Eight hundred thousand. One million. Planets and stars flew by. The ship navigated through the ocean of darkness.


The crew of the Apollo Renovatur had left the milky way behind long ago, and in front of them was the growing purple lights of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Quicky they drifted into it, passing even more stars and planets. John relaxed a bit. Everything was going smoothly! He shouldn't be worried! That's when things went wrong .

An uncharted star appeared in front of them suddenly, and by the warning signs, it was about to supernova. John tried to steer away, but it was too late.

The star exploded, causing John to black out.


John woke up to see the Apollo Renovatur spinning out of control towards.... was that the Pinwheel Galaxy?! Swiftly the galaxy bore down upon them, and then they were inside it.

Then they saw an upcoming planet that looked somewhat like earth, with green continents and lots of water.

Then they hit one of its four visible moons, bouncing them into this planet's much thicker atmosphere. John blacked out again.


John woke up suddenly, in the middle of the wreckage of the Apollo Renovatur. He checked himself.

His anti-G force suit was ripped and ruined, his helmet laying in a heap some distance off. He had only minor injuries, and he wasn't feeling any symptoms of a possible concussion.

He looked around, breathing in.... Breathing in? His mind reeled. This planet was just as inhabitable, if not more so, than Earth!

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