If you love someone, don't hold yourself back .
If you love someone, don't hold yourself back . love stories

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If you love someone, don't hold yourself back. Read this slowly and patiently. Think about it . And pls give me feedbacks.

If you love someone, don't hold yourself back .

If you love someone, don't hold yourself back from loving them. You know, our lives are short and people , they leave. Sometimes it's the only option or a source of escape but most of the times, they're plucked away.

And this person , whoever it is that you love isn't always gonna be here. By the time realization hits you like a train, whatever that is, that person might not be there anymore. Sometimes, you'll never know the value of a person until he/she becomes a memory

Only 45% of the world population finds true love, or at least get a chance to fall in love, even if that person is not their 'forever'. If you've been blessed of meeting that one person who makes you smile for no reason whatsoever, don't hold yourself back from loving them.

The word weakness is really heavy for an eight letter word. If there's anything i'm certain of when it comes to a concept like love , it's the fact that it makes people weak, and that's where the irony lies.

There are two types of people. No 1: people who are broken, who are hoping that love would fix them . No 2 : people who don't care or believe in the concept of love.

And then, there's the exception of a few who hold themselves back , cause they're afraid that love might break them . I think that's why it's called 'falling' in love, cause eventually it breaks you. But that's the irony . Broken people are not fragile. And there lies an eternal beauty in broken things.

The breaking process, it makes you stronger somehow. When you tear a piece of paper , it's hard to untear it. But if you glue it back together and then try to tear it again , it isn't as easy as before to do it. That's what love is. That heavy duty glue is love . I know that that didn't make any sense,but if we think about things making sense, nothing does, really.

Love is both how you become a person , and why. The breaking process, it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt because it matters. And yes, i just quoted J. GREEN

If a person you love breaks your heart, you'll love them still, with all those broken pieces. You might not agree with me, but that's how love works.

And the hardest thing is when you feel like you need to walk away , even when you know that you're in too deep and that you might never get over of what you guys never were.

Don't take a step back.

Everybody is broken in one way or another. And the truth is that life breaks you, sooner or later. Then why hold back?

A.L Tennison said," tis' better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all". We can't change the fact that some people come into our lives just to teach us how to let go. And this person might not be your ' happily ever after'.

But like someone said, happy endings are nothing but a nostalgia for the present. Cause what matters is not what happened in the end but what happened before it. Those moments and smiles, that's what matters.

Regret is something that eats you up, until you're nothing but dust and bones. Don't let this person be your biggest 'what if' That regret will crush you to nothing. And in the end, there will remain love, but not you.

If you hold yourself back now, You're never gonna let go. Your doubts, your fears, just..let it go

You know, life works in a funny way. One day you just wake up and realize that you've lost the moon while counting the stars. Don't hold yourself back. Believe me, it's worth it. Now stop reading and go get your moon.

Quote of the day: I loved her against reason , against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be. ~great expectations Charles Dickens

Thank you all for reading this patiently. See ya ♡

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