Prisoner: Chapter Two: Sinful
Prisoner: Chapter Two: Sinful rose stories

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Rose Barrett struggles with the death of her mother that happened several months ago. Not knowing how to cope she turns to reckless behavior that leads her into the arms of a mysterious, enticing man, Cole. Entranced by his beauty and rebel ways, Rose is oblivious to Cole's dark nature. But Cole's secrets are deeper than they seem.

Prisoner: Chapter Two: Sinful

"Are you sure we'll get in?" I ask Jess as we make our way out of her car. "I don't have a fake id."

I bend down and take my jacket off the seat before shutting the door.

Jess grabs my hand and squeezes hard, "We'll be fine; I know one of the security guys." She winks at me and lets out a little giggle.

I roll my eyes at her, "Of course." She was always so persuasive. A part of me wishes I could be more like her; confident, outgoing, beautiful...

I gaze at her through my long lashes. Her wavy, light blonde hair cascades down her back stopping right before her waist.

Her slim figure looks exquisite in the strapless, lilac mini dress and black flats.

I glance down at myself; a maroon v-neck clings to my upper body with a pair of black skinny jeans hanging from my hips.

I'm totally under-dressed.

"You look fine," she smiles at me, knowing what I'm thinking as always.

"If you say so."

She pulls me with her to the front of the club, you can feel the bass of the song playing from inside the club. A line forms in front of the door. We pass everyone.

Girls in beautiful dresses with their hair done up in braids and glitter everywhere. Guys in casual/formal wear, collared shirts with straight dark colored jeans.

I knew it, I'm under-dressed.

She waves at one of the men standing in front of the club doors as I feel eyes searing into my back. Whispers come from the crowd.

My anxiety rises when Jess hugs the dark-haired man, kissing him on the cheek as he stamps her hand.

I struggle to pull up the sleeve to my jacket to give him room to stamp my hand.

"Sorry," I apologize as he eyes me sharply.

He presses down hard revealing a blue skull.

"Thank you," I say before he opens the door behind him for us.

"See ya later Tony," Jess blows a kiss back at him as we walk into the club the bass booming even louder now.

It's dark, darker than I expected. Strobe lights shine making everyone on the dance floor look like a stop motion movie.

Crowds of people litter the place, talking among themselves. I can barely hear myself think.

"I told you we'd get in," she smiles at me as we make our way through the crowd of people. "Do you want a shot?"

I nod, my anxiety skyrocketing. Maybe that will calm me down.

She guides me to the bar, a wall of liqueur waits in front of me. A tall blond man stands behind the bar, waiting on a couple next to us.

His white shirt clings to his chest as he pours them drinks. He finishes with the couple and makes his way to us.

We flash our hand stamps at the bartender.

He nods, "What will it be?"

"Two vodkas, please."

He pours the shots as I pull dollar bills out of the pocket of my jacket.

"Everything's on the house," he waves my money away.

Jess grins at me before picking up her shot, she passes me mine, "To a good night."

We cling shot glasses before downing the liquid.

"Happy birthday bestie."

She kisses me on the cheek, "Thank you so much."

"Why didn't you invite anyone else?"

"There's no one else I'd rather spend this night with," she smiles at me. "Plus everyone else seems to use me. You're my true best friend."

Her words warm me or is that the alcohol...

A woman in a strappy black dress and high heels walks up to Jess and whispers something.

"Alright," Jess grins at the women.

The women motions to booths that are on the far side of the dance floor.

"Is there anything I can get you now?"

Jess looks over at me before answering, "Can we get two sprites and vodka, please."

"Of course, I'll bring them to you."

We make our way through the crowd of people around the bar to a blue and black colored booth. Jess gracefully slides in, giving me enough room next to her.

The bass booms along with a song that I faintly recognize, probably from being with Jess in her car.

"Did your parents get you anything for your birthday?"

"Yeah, they got me a few things for my car and a shirt of that band that you showed me the other week that I really liked."

"Awesome." I chuckle at the thought that I actually got Jess into a band I like.

The women reappears with two tall glasses.

"Thank you," Jess smiles at the women as she sets down the glasses on our table.

She nods politely before disappearing back to the bar.

I bite my lip ring out of habit.

"Stop." Jess bats at my face with her hands. "You know what I say about that."

It's bad for your teeth!

"Sorry," I giggle, pressing the cool glass to my lips.

"Stop that too," she glares at me playfully before taking a sip of her drink.

I hold back a 'sorry' that's itching to come out of my mouth. I savor the drink as if rushes through my bloodstream causing an onset of what feels like a slight buzz.

"Let's go dance," Jess says, gulping down her drink before grabbing my hand.

I take a few fast sips before standing up and heading to the dance floor with her.

Eyes are on Jess and her stunning dancing. I feel inferior to her in almost every way, especially dancing.

This is one of the reasons I keep telling Jess I don't want to go to homecoming but she keeps pestering me to go with her as her 'date'.

I smile to myself, even as a fake date it would still be awesome.

I shake away the thought, focusing back on my terrible dancing so I don't trip over my own feet.

"Have some fun." She spins me around. I almost fall, I grab a hold of Jess's shoulders to steady myself. We both giggle before continuing dancing.

After a good amount of time, I leave Jess on the dance floor to catch my breath. I make my way back to our booth, plopping down on the leather seat I pick my half-full glass of vodka and sprite.

I slowly swig my drink as I glance over at Jess. Her nimble movements captivate the dancers next to her. Her shiny blonde locks sway side to side as she moves her hips around.

Two young guys dance up to her, one tall with curly brunette hair, the other not as tall with black hair and glasses. The brunette playfully nudges her.

The shorter guy leans in saying something inaudible.

I stand up quickly, not likely this situation.

She glances over at me, smiling and giving me a small wave to calm me. I sit back down.

The women in the black dress comes up to my table, "Would you like anything at the moment?"

"Could I get a shot of rum please, Bacardi preferably." I hand her a ten dollar bill out of my jacket. "I want to tip you even though he said everything's on the house."

She takes a hold of the bill, smiling brightly, "Thank you so much."

"No problem." She struts off back to the bar.

I stare at a bouncing Jess, who looks like she's having the time of her life.

In what feels like a matter of seconds she's back with the shot that I requested and a tall glass of something dark.

She winks at me, "I make a real good rum and coke so I thought I'd bring you one."

"Thank you," I smile, my stomach becoming very warm suddenly.

"Let me know if you need anything else."

She leaves me with my drinks.

I take my shot before chasing it down with a few sips of my rum and coke.

What feels like forever, Jess finally shows back up at the table with her two new guy friends. I'm more than halfway through my drink at this point.

"This is Rose, my best friend," she points at me, smiling. "This is Brett and Wyatt." She motions to each guy as she says their names.

"Hi," I say nervously, clutching my drink in my hands.

"Hi," they both say simultaneously.

I sit casually, getting hit by my buzz hard. They all start talking about something incoherent to me.

My eyes drift away from Jess's face and to my own hands, they tightly grip my half gone drink.

Damn, I'm drunker than I thought.

I lean over to Jess's ear, "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back."

She nods, continuing her deep conversation with the guys.

I leave the three at the table, shuffling my way to where I believe the bathroom in this place is. My eyes try and focus on the task at hand but this isn't working out.

I bump into something hard, a person maybe?

My feet not cooperating with my mind, I trip over my own foot almost falling face first into the edge of the bar. People stand against a wall where a bathroom sign sits high on the wall.

I lean on the wall where I think the line for the bathroom ends.

"Hey, why don't you come with us."

My eyes shift, trying to focus on where the voice is coming from.

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