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@ajwadyasar Q- Name your three most favourite books! A- 1. Harry Potter 2. The Chronicles of Narnia 3. Nancy Drew Thanks for the question @ajwadyasar !

@stitchastory Q- 1. Favorite genre to write? A- I love to write Fantasy! Horror is not bad, though

2. Do you prefer to just write or do you plan it out first (outline)? A- I prefer to just write. My brain works better then XD When I have the basic plot in my mind, it's kind of easy to decide what comes next while working on the plot.

3. Hidden talent? A- My hidden talent is that I draw manga. And I draw them pretty good! Thanks for these brilliant questions @stitchastory!

@bookishmuggle Q- 1. do you prefer to write poetry or stories? A- I prefer to write stories, and I'm better at stories than poetry.

2. where do you get your writing inspiration from? A- Interesting question! Well, firstly, I get my inspirations from everyone at commaful! Next, my experiences. Sometimes when something funny is happening to me or any of my friends I have this urge to write it as a story.

And lastly, when I read books, I wish I could write like them, and so I try.

3. favorite commaful writer? A- Ooh! That's a tough question! Well, I'll mention a few people whose posts I enjoy a lot and they inspire me to write too! Because selecting out one would be rather difficult!

So here they are:- @bookishmuggle @stitchastory @inkdragon @goldenflame @astralphoenix @elleseng @ri @infiniti

4. favorite non-commaful writer? A- My favorite non-commaful writer (published authors) are Mark Twain and J.K Rowling (Sorry am a potterhead, can't help it XD) Thanks for these amazing questions @bookishmuggle!

@itz_aliyah Q- 1. What Would You Rather Throw Away: Love Or Money A- I'd throw away Money. I can manage without money but I can't live without Love.

2. What’s your weirdest thing in your house? A- Um...The weirdest thing in my house is a ruler painted in sky blue colour with a criss-cross hot glue gun design. One of my artistic experiments went wrong! These questions were great! Thanks @itz_aliyah!

I had loads of fun answering these questions! I hope you had fun reading them too! Once again, thanks to @ajwadyasar, @stitchastory, @bookishmuggle and @itz_aliyah!

If you guys have any more questions feel free to ask them in the comment and I'll make sure that I answer them! :D Byeeee

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