Depress 1

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Depression Trilogy. This is part one: Depress.

Depress 1

Once again, you realize the realization that you don’t know anything. Twice again, you still don’t know yet. The third time, the truth is what you see, what you touch , what you breathe. Everything is relative to what you believe

Fondle me anywhere Grope me any when My self worth has dropped For I don’t care Look at the way you move your eyes Look for me in here Accept me over there The truth is bleak But don’t take my word for it I smile at your laugh But I’m depressed

I’m so sorry, but I forgot your secret So don’t worry about it being shared I don’t have any friends to share it with I was afraid of being alone(still am) So I pretended to be interested (still am not) What you feel is so little compared to it It being whatever it is Irrelevant to this topic I hate being friends with someone I pity Pity what you want Hate me all you want I know my self worth and I won’t let you bring me down For I already am

Love love love love me Don’t leave leave don’t leave Please accept me please save me Isn’t that what everybody would like to hear I’ll show you what you believe you shouldn’t see I’ll hold your hand to change, It happens quickly, not harshly as you are led to believe Fun funny funniest not laughing Don’t mess with something you are too arrogant to believe the possibility to be on the defeat end of it Look at the sun for Karen is crying now She needs someone more strong than her Don’t let another one down Be good to yourself Leave Leave and don’t come back It’s not worth it It really isn’t that great to return Leave leave leave please just leave You deserve a better Company

Don’t be a fool I depress what you press I equally would like some company No more Sat there for long Leave while you can The bat-signal is lit So is the fire Inside someone’s mind But all the smiling faces Are not forgotten because I still loved you a little less than I love you now.

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