A life in Pakistan

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Pakistan our beloved homeland. Proud Pakistani.

A life in Pakistan

By Fatima Faisal


Pakistan became an independent country on 14th August 1947. Our great leaders Quaid-e-Azam including Allama Iqbal and Liaquat Ali Khan this country would have never been this far.


Markhor is known as the national animal of Pakistan along with Hockey the national sport. The word Pakistan has a vast meaning it means "The Land of Pure",.

My Pakistan

Pakistan has it's own beauty in disguise. It has the best cotton, wool , rice and wheat which is exported all around the world. Pakistan has a big pool of doctors, engineers and scientists.


We has the youngest Microsoft specialist Arfa Karim Randhawa. Unfortunately she has passed away. Pakistan is like the quote,"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it".


I'm one of the proud Pakistani. We have been through all the struggles. Our martyrs, soldiers and the strong Navy have fought for Pakistan till their last breath. We salute you!

My Homeland

It's an amazing tourist location. Kashmir, Nathia Gali, Swat and many more. You name it, we have it.Our population is exceeding. Some of us have made Pakistan proud and some of us are still.

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@sydney haha :) hi hi!

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@bottlingmagic that's awesome :D :D hello hello!

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@sydney every place. By every place, everything is so beautiful and it's yet to be discovered apart from the media says it isn't it's just heaven on earth. (This was my old account and was going through it so I saw this comment, it's really me though)

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if someone were to visit pakistan, where would you recommend they check out?