FarKing: Unexpected turn for the worst
FarKing: Unexpected turn for the worst please read stories
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farkingboost Letting my world free
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Definitely not done let me know if its good or not.....

FarKing: Unexpected turn for the worst

The sounds of swords and screams grow louder as the war for dominance is at hand.

FarKing the leader of the army stylishly takes down foes left and right clearing a path for his troops to gain more ground. Explosions sprang off from artillery fire from the distance.

FarKing tries to get a sight of the weapons not knowing a pikeman is about to stab him from behind.

But before he could stab him FarKings best friend Shaun lands in front of the pikeman disabling him and using his spear to knock a creature from the sky.

FarKing laughs, "Oh it feels good to fight with you again!" said FarKing. "So do I FarKing" as Shaun smiles at him.

"Just call me brother, we've known each other for years now," FarKing says. "Brothers! Us! Th...That awesome." says Shaun.

" Very well then brother let's fight till the very end!" said FarKing.

They began to fight back to back covering each other's blind spots picking off foes left and right with stylish combos like their brains are one.

After a while, a deep roar came from the distance causing all the enemies to back off forming a circle around them keeping Farking, Shaun, and some of his troops from getting out.

FarKing ordered them to keep their backs from the enemy and covered so they formed a circle facing their foe.

"Some of us may die, some of us may live, but it's up to you if you live or die here. All I know is I'm gonna go home to my wife with only a splinter.

"FarKing says as he summons his weapon and bangs it on his gauntlet. "So am I," says Shaun as he spins his weapon and taunts the crowd. As soon as they began to charge the roar rang out.

This time he came out of the crowd pushing his troop by the face. The new foe laughed, "Oh how cute your little prep talk encouraged them even more to die.

Let me introduce myself I'm Felix the second in command of this army and soon to be Zormolan that killed a member of the Far bloodline.

So how would you like this, weapons down single-file line for a painless execution, or we can slaughter you all it makes me no different."

Farking laughs full of pride, "Who do you think I am? I'm not gonna just roll over like a Morjor and let you slice me up." FarKing bangs his gauntlet with his weapon."Let's get this over with.

" he said. Felix smiles and roars with a different tone causing his troop to become savage versions of themselves.

They charged at Farkings troops ripping their bodies apart, immediately FarKing and Shaun fought side by side. Felix called more and more till they overwhelmed them.

It got intense so fast Farking began killing anything in his radius. He morphed his weapon into a guandao and began spinning and dodging in ways that made Shaun have to dodge him.

Felix noticed that he needed to do something because fewer of his troops came to his side. So he used an illusion spell causing Farking to start to swing at Shaun who he thinks is Felix.

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