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"Squeee...I'm the queen of my castle... Here no rules set for me!

Forbidden Entry

"Squeee...I'm the queen of my castle...Here no rules set for me!"

Baruni shouted all of a sudden, made her romantic novel to slide off from her lap disturbing her beautiful fantasy world which lived for a short period during her nap.

Her body filled with the fragrance of the youth spilling it over everywhere around her, - in the folds of her Blue silk saree, in the turning of her bare neck,

in the motion of her Red nail polished fingers ,in the rhythm of her steps, in the ringing of her new ankle chains ,in the tinkling of her golden bangles,

in the singing of her bright and innocent laughter .And She plucked few leaves from the flower pot outside the window and threw it over her top.

Happiness danced with the tune of her ravishing dance steps.

This is a common thing she would do often in her room sitting near the window, tasting its fresh breeze from the nature,

reading her favorite novel while humming one of the song she likes,loosening her tightly braided long hair strands to make it dance along with the fresh air from the scenic beauty of the nature.

Because, that serenity is what she needed to escape from the reality.

The hard core reality never let her enjoy the moment she was living in for a long time. Her mobile started ringing, pulled her out of her daydream.

But a slight smile escaped from her lips seeing the call.

"Hello...I was waiting for your call....How're you buddy...."

Her only companion and trustworthy friend Sheela often make her relax with her stupid jokes and her fake appreciation of Baruni's physical appearance,

which gives baruni an unexplainable joy and self-pride inside at times.Sheela is the one who always praise her for whatever she do in her life.

Baruni knows that sheela's words are not entirely true and its a build up lie to satisfy her for her social status.

But , still she needed at least one person to know about the happenings in the outside world out of her mobile.Further Sheela is a receptionist in her husband's office.

So, she maintains her friendship a top secret.But this time, Sheela didnt come up with any news that could make baruni feel contented.

"Today, I saw your college crush having some talks with your husband in our cafeteria"

It stirred up her blood in high motion right from her head to toe in a fear that occupied her entire mind and body knowing her husband's temper.

Keeping her flooded emotions in check,She continued her act of cool attitude with her buddy.

"Nice to hear buddy. Between He was not my crush anymore.You better keep that in your mind sheela"

saying that she hanged up her mobile just to reminisce her recent past events that occurred one after the other leads to the devastation of

her mind and body. She started bursting out her bottled feelings louder in the lone top floor of the two stair cased large lucrative building in the city.

" foot...When did I had one...Just thought of talking with him to know about his mass media course...But at the end of the day, All men are same..."

She knew that her husband Karthick married her just for the society and to fulfill his physical needs.

All he does was wooing and flirting with the young models as part of his Advertising agency business.But he wanted her to be a caged bird.

She loathed him before her marriage but her parents never tried to see from her eyes even once. Also she couldnt raise a word against them because of the obedient daughter tag.

Now she got promoted to a submissive wife and obedient daughter in law.

When she was newly married , her husband karthick, was taking care of the managerial position in his newly ventured AD agency,

he would often play the truant and under cover of the midday siesta of his elders secretly come to make love to baruni.

Though they lived under the same roof, he would create occasions to send her text messages in Whatsapp, and would even gloat upon some exaggerated grievances of imaginary neglect of love.

This gave hopes to Baruni about her future life and she entranced that as a pure love from her husband.She even chided herself for her prejudice.

Just after the demise of his father, Karthick inherits all his father's property and in addition her father gifted him her share of the property.

To her dismay,It was also registered on his name. This hiked his false pride and male ego. And she was literally caught up in a golden cage where she has no door to fly away.

This strong and dangerous fascination of being a sole breadwinner and dominating male in family, paved the way for baruni to succumb easily and silently.

While sobbing, she cursed her ill-fate as ordinary coarse of her life.A message beep sound interrupted in between gives a short break or say rest to her non-stop sobbing.

When she opened the in-box, she didn't even imagined that her destiny gonna push her up to its threshold limits.

Its the intimate pictures of her husband with a super model.She felt deceived by him all these years.she also knew that the key to her future life is with him.

Seeing the pictures again created a desire of wanting to see the AD shoot or say that beautiful model.Jealousy incarnated in her.She called her friend to know the fine details about her.

She was not pleased by her friend's words.The more she succumbed to her husband,the more she hated him.

So, this sudden sexual intercourse linking her husband with some other woman didn't surprise her at all.But it ignited something in her heart for sure.

The very next day, she informed her in-laws in the ground floor about her visit to her parents residence.

But went to see an AD shoot with help of her friend sheela without her husband's knowledge with all the excitement of the forbidden entry as she could not secure her husband's consent,

because He was firm in his opinion that place was not fit for any decent woman to visit.

There in the studio, She gazed at the faces of the spectators, the studio seemed to her like a world where society was suddenly freed from its law of gravitation.

Coining from her walled up terrace and joyless home, she had entered a region where dreams and reality had clasped their hands in friendship, over the wine cup of art.

The blood began to throb all over her body,

she forgot for the moment that her life was limited to the circumstances and that she was not free in a world where all laws had melted in the enthralling music of the perfume Ad shoot.

Her luck, she was spotted by the Ad film director, who wanted a fresh face for the Ad to work on.

He approached her and yes, Baruni got the offer and aced as a super model giving a competitive threat to the other models in the field.

The Director and the crew couldn't believe their own eyes with the outcome of the performance of Baruni.

Producer decided to air the AD soon on TV and Internet. She signed the contract with the company for their other products.

When Karthick was informed about the same, His rage knows no bounds.

Screaming "I will Kill her today", He rushed into the shooting spot to crush her dreams and her newly budded courage to come out of the golden cage by breaking it on her own.

But to his displeasure, the crew informed Cops to save their Heroine.

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