A Secret Undone by Julia Crossan
A Secret Undone
by Julia Crossan scarlett stories

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Oneshot. My take on the scene in Legendary that was not included in the book. Where Scarlett finds out Armando is not her fiance at the ball. And gets mad at Julian

By: Julia Crossan

A Secret Undone by Julia Crossan

Author’s note: So this is my first fanfiction and I chose to write from Scarlett's perspective on the scene from Legendary where she finds out the guy who she thought was her fiance in the first book (Caraval) was actually an actor and Julian had lied to her.

I really wanted this to be included in the book, but sadly it wasn’t and I couldn’t find many Julian/Scarlet fanfics so I thought why not write my own. Hopefully, this note was not too loud and hopefully whoever is reading likes it. (PS. I do not own anything. The characters, plot, everything belongs to Stephanie Garber.)

Scarlet made her way into the party. She was feeling really happy. The only thing that nagged at her was her fiance Count Nicolas d’Arcy, but she pushed those thoughts aside. Tonight is supposed to be a happy night, you survived Caraval and Julian is safe and sound she told herself. Smiling she entered the ballroom.

“Hey, Crimson, a very familiar voice said from behind her. “Julian,” Scarlett said turning around with a smile on her face. “ You look gorgeous as usual,” he said smiling.

Scarlet was wearing the gown that was gifted to her by Legend. Tonight it had decided to shift itself into a brilliant red velvet strapless gown.It had dark red roses covering half the bottom half the skirt slowly fading as they traveled up her skirt.

Julian was wearing a black tuxedo with the top few buttons undone he looked very laid back and relaxed with his golden brown skin and his tousled black hair.

“Would you do me the honor of a dance?” he asked holding out a hand with a roguish wink. Scarlett blushed and smiled at his antics.“Of course,” Scarlett said and the pair shared a kiss and headed out onto the dance floor.

As the pair whirled and twirled on the dance floor a man that was known to the world of Caraval as Armando, but to Scarlett as Count Nicolas d’Arcy, was hidden in the shadows contemplating telling Scarlett that he was not her fiance but a lowly actor and messing with her relationship with Julian. He smiled and headed over to the happy couple.

Meanwhile Julian and Scarlett had danced until both of their feet were worn out.“I’ll get us some drinks,” Julian said and with a kiss on her head, he headed to get some refreshments. As soon as he left Scarlett felt a presence behind her.

“Hello love,” Armando said quietly.Scarlett gasped and turned around and when she saw the man behind her she turned as white as a sheet with shock. Then she turned red with anger. With no warning at all, she lifted her hand and slapped the supposed Count Nicolas D'Arcy so hard that she left a red handprint imprinted on his cheek.

“What are you doing here?” Scarlett asked coldly while slowly backing away from him.“I don’t think we have been properly introduced, Armando said smiling wickedly completely unfazed by the slap. My name is Armando.” “What?” Scarlett asked. She was very bewildered. Then it hit her. She gasped.

“Your one of Caraval’s actors,” she said angrily. “Yep,” Armando said and abruptly left out of nowhere. The reason became evident as Julian had chosen that moment to come running up with drinks looking worriedly at where Armando had walked away too.

"That was about Armando telling me that he isn’t my fiance the Count Nicolas d’Arcy, but an actor for Caraval! Its funny you never mentioned that to me in all of our talks about honesty and never lie to me again! It’s funny that you lasted a whole 24 hours without lying!”

“Scarlett-,” Julian begged quietly. “No, I just need some time Julian,” Scarlett said in a defeated sad tone. She pulled herself up tall and stormed away leaving a sad dejected Julian in her wake. “I just wanted to help,” he said quietly and walked in the opposite direction.

Both of their hearts breaking as they walked away from each other.

-Ok, that was it hopefully it was not horrible. Thanks for reading and any feedback is much appreciated. -Julia

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