Becoming The Sky Empress To Avoid Death- Chapter 2
Becoming The Sky Empress To Avoid Death- Chapter 2 isekai stories

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I made the 2nd chapter! Don't know if anyone cares but what the hell?! Life am I right?

Becoming The Sky Empress To Avoid Death- Chapter 2

Seiko opened her eyes. "Where am I?" she thought as she looked at the magnificent chandelier above her and the great white marble room she was in.

It was a really pretty room.

"Did I die? Is this heaven?" she asked herself while getting up. "Yes and yes" said a voice.

She looked to the source of the voice and saw a man with brilliant golden hair, a white satin cloth draped over his body and a green crown over his head.

"Who the hell are you?", she asked. "I am God." said the man whose handsomeness level was over 9000. "God?" she asked, mesmerized.

"Pfft! Ha ha ha ha!" she burst with laughter, "OMG, this is too funny. He just called himself God. Ha ha ha!".

"I understand your outburst, but I truly am God" he replied calmly, with a smile on his face.

"Seriously?!" she asked when she calmed down. "Do I not look the part?" he asked, bringing his face close to her's.

"To tell you the truth, you look highly suspicious" she said, backing up slowly. "Ouch" he winced. "That hurts,you know?". "Oh well, forget all that. Let me formally introduce myself.

My name is Cerberus. I am the god of this world." he said, smiling while his extending his hand. "Takahashi Seiko" she said, taking his hands and shaking it.

"I know your name" he said while smiling.

'Wait a minute', she thought. 'Cerberus? Why does that sound familiar?' "Ahem, as I was saying, I am the god of this world.

I had a discussion with the gods of your world and came to an agreement." Cerberus said. "Agreement?" Seiko asked, puzzled.

"Yes. Do you remember the girl you saved?" he asked. "Yeah. The pretty blond girl right?" she asked. "Yes. She is...Do you not know who she is?" he suddenly asked, perplexed. "No.

Why? Who is she?" asked Seiko. "She is the Rebecca Stewart" replied Cerberus. Seiko was surprised and asked "Rebecca Stewart?! The one who-".

Why? Who is she?" asked Seiko. "She is the Rebecca Stewart" replied Cerberus. Seiko was surprised and asked "Rebecca Stewart?! The one who-".

"But why was she in Japan?" she asked. "Why would a foreigner be in Japan?", asked Cerberus teasingly, "To go sightseeing!". "Fine", she sulked, "So what about her?".

"You saved her from death and that in itself is a great deed, but 20 years from now, she will save humanity again from a viral outbreak that will claim millions of lives.

And thus you have indirectly saved millions from their death as well, which adds up to the amount of good deeds you have performed.

Therefore, we have come to an agreement to give you a second chance at life in another world with your memories intact." explained Cerberus, out of breath.

"Wha..." started Seiko. "Aaaaaaaand, as a bonus for your extra good karma, I will grant you three wishes!" said Cerberus, cheerfully. "Three wishes, huh?" thought Seiko.

She began her thought process. Cerberus saw her thinking face and thought while laughing, "How cute can you get!".

"Okay" said Seiko, "I've thought of my wishes.". "Ask away." Cerberus replied.

"My first wish is to get a smartphone that works in this other world and an ability like Item Box with infinite storage space." said Seiko. "Granted. Next?".

"Second, whenever I write Seiko's wish: ,the sentence that follows must be fullfilled. But this power can only affect me and my immediate surroundings." said Seiko. "Done.

And the last wish?" Cerberus asked with great expectation.

"Meh. Anything will do." replied Seiko. "Hah" Cerberus sighed. "Okay, I'll make all semi-humans and beasts treat you with love and respect.". "Sure, thanks." she said.

"Well then, hope you enjoy my world. See you later." said Cerberus as he raised his hands forward. Suddenly, a magic circle appeared at her feet. "Welcome To The World Of 'Her Last Wish'.

" he said as she began to disappear.

"Wait,what?!" Seiko shouted. She saw Cerberus fading away and slowly, she lost conciousness.

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