Stupid things that actually exist
Stupid things that actually exist stupid stories
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Stupid things that actually exist


*Cuss word and stupid things warning*

1. These Subtitles

2. Built The Staircase Exactly As Designed, Boss

3. Pointless Peephole

4. Diet Water. Because Plain Old Water Has Too Much Calories

5. I Would Like To Meet The Planning Committee Who Approved This

6. Found This While Looking For Fridges At Sears

7. This Useless Sign

8. Sure Boss, The Bus Has All The Seats In Place

9. This Escalator Has A Purpose

10. Probably The Most Useless Watermelon In The World

11. In Case Of Fire

12. Most Pointless Book Ever?

13. The World's Dumbest & Most Useless Street Sign

14. Pointless Balcony

15. You Had One Job, Gate

16. I Found A Pointless Gate

17. I Received The Most Useless Item Ever At A Golf Tournament Yesterday

18 .Hey Joe, Did You Get That Urinal And Toilet Installed? "Sure Did Boss"

19. Thank God, My Feet Were Getting Tired

20. Useless Leggings

it's a mannequin

21. Pointless Sign

22. This Guy Just Printed Out A Headlight

23. Take A Left And Then Bunnyhop To Your Destination

24. Well This Is Kind Of A Useless Warning Label

25. My Dad Found The Most Useless Sign

26. How Is This Supposed To Work?

27. Let's Install 5 Sinks In This Toilet. Just In Case!

28. The Most Pointless Door Ever

29. These Practical Drawers

30. I Give You... The Most Useless Drawer Ever!

Bye guys! That's all for know, Some things are just so stupid, I might do a part two, there are more of these stupid things. I said might. Bye everyone have a nice rest of ur day, or night!

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