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A story I wrote

Real, But Not.

Chapter 1:

My brothers are the only ones who really exist. They say Archangels are boys. Sons of god. So when I came, I was a disappointment. I am a girl Archangel. Of course, Father never wants to admit it but Lucifer was always his favorite.

When he fell, It broke my brothers and father. Lucifer, being the devil, you would expect him to be mean. He was nice to me. To everyone else I am bizarre. Very few angels know of my existence.

I opened the doors to my room and skipped to dinner, my blonde hair swishing behind me. I sat at my place. Everyone was silent when I sat. I was the youngest, Not Gabriel. My name is Lydia.

Micheal, He is the oldest, spoke up. “Lydia, We were all wondering If you would be willing” He paused.

“Would you like to go live with Lucifer?” He finished, Micheal said it so quickly I almost missed it.

I had taken a bite of food before he finished, when he said it, I almost choked. I had wings, I had them down but when Micheal finished they popped out. Your probably confused, Here, Father insisted I had this painting done:

I have never had a picture taken with my brothers, Because, I don’t exist.

I looked up at him, I swallowed and said “What?” My voice was usually angelic, But it was defective. Micheal spoke up “Lucifer wants you to come to hell with him, He is on his way here to discuss the matter” And with that Micheal wiped his mouth and got up.

I sat there, as everyone finished eating and left. Soon I was the only one there. I didn’t have a choice. I wondered why Lucifer wanted me to come to hell.

After a while Micheal told me to go to the throne room. I slowly walked and opened the door. It shut loudly behind me and I jumped.

“Dear sister. How is life?” Lucifer was leaning on what used to be his throne.

“Why?” I asked why he wanted me in hell. “You already know why, And anyways, What is Father giving you? He is barely ever around, And you always have to obey, Isn’t that frustrating? Being told what to do?” Lucifer said.

Out of everyone, I was Obedient. Not even Micheal was as obedient as I. I am very very sad to say, But I knew why Lucifer needed me. They say my brother Gabriel is the most trusted by god. False.

My Father trusts me most, My brothers know it's true, I think they know deep down, it’s true. But I know I can’t sit on Father's left hand the way Gabriel can.

Lucifer knew the trust, and it pains me to say, He wants to use me as a spy on our own Father. I love my brother. But he sometimes has ideas that are belligerent.

“You just want to use me,” I said, looking him in the eyes. Lucifer titled his head. He was thinking about it, then he sat back up straight “And so what if I do? You're the youngest, You have to obey people older than you. You don’t have a say in it.”

I didn’t get mad. I was very elegant, And hard to break. “Lucifer, I know where I stand, as should you.” I said uncorrupted, I then gave Lucifer a seraphic smile and added “I best be going”

I then turned around and tried to open the door but it was as if they were glued shut. “Nobody is leaving until I say so” Lucifer’s voice boomed.

I lingered in thought. “Lucifer” I started trying to negotiate. “Please, let’s be civil. I don’t like hell. It is Sorrowful, and Daunting” I was only speaking the truth but Lucifer looked as if I just crushed the only thing he ever loved. “How.Dare.You” He screamed. He lunged at me.

I almost got out of his way. But he grabbed my wing. I tried to kick him away. I was exerting. Or at least I was trying.

Just then the doors flew open and Saraqael stood there. “Let it go, Lucifer,” Saraqael said. I winced at the word “It” . I knew Saraquel meant it as me.

“See they don’t even know your name.” Lucifer said letting go of my wing. I slowly tucked in my wings and got up. I shrugged and without a response walked away.

Hey guys! this is chapter one of my story, hope you liked it! I have chapter two done as well, I am still working on chapter three, this is all my original idea, so if someone has the same story as this, I didnt copy XD ima go back to anime wallpapers!

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