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fantadreamworld Bye, I will check in sometimes
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My favorite anime: Angel Beats! You can watch it here for free, https://www.crunchyroll.c...

My Favorite Anime Show

My favorite anime show is angel beats it's on netflix, idk if anyone has seen it.

It's super funny

But also really sad

Angel beats Is one of the Saddest Animes Ever. Like any storytelling medium, anime can tell stories so heart-wrenching they're all but guaranteed to leave the audience in tears. Angel Beats! is another that often ranks highly on "most heartbreaking anime" lists, with good reason. ...

Angel Beats! is set in the environment of a high school in the afterlife, a type of limbo where people have experienced trauma or hardships in life and must overcome them before passing on and being reincarnated. The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, a boy with amnesia who ends up in the afterlife.

I put the link where you can watch the full show for free in the description!

I really like the show and the ending brought tears to my eyes, It is rated PG, but....

The show says: B*sterd B*tch F*ck Hell D*mn And a few other words.

And there is a little violence. A lot of violence. Idk why its rated PG

So yea, But if you don't mind language or violence, and haven't seen the show, I totally recommend watching it!

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