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A true story, to my Ex- best friend, Elite. I will love you forever, and forever in my heart you shall stay


Maybe saying goodbye

Maybe saying goodbye, is harder then saying hello.

Every time I let you down, I kept saying sorry and begging for your forgiveness.

It’s like a cycle

It’s like a cycle of darkness

It’s like a cycle of lies

It’s like a cycle of death

But this time, instead of me getting up and leaving,

It’s your turn.

It’s your turn to pull the switch on our friendship

It’s time for you to say goodbye to me, however hard that may be.

Boy, I know it’s hard on you. Every time I left, you cried, and know I expect you to leave.

Your going to fight

Your going to want to stay

But I do it for the best

I do it because

I do it because.... we were once in love...

I didn’t forget

I didn’t loose that memory

I loved you.

You loved me.

And it lasted

But then, that one day we didn’t see each other

That’s when it all fell down

You started hanging out with other people.

I started hanging out with other people.

Then you accused me

Accused me of the worst thing you can accuse someone of.


I remember looking at you, with tears in my eyes.

I remember saying

I remember saying “How could you think that?!”

I remember leaving

I remember running

I remember not talking to you

I remember when I broke you

I ripped your heart out of your chest and crushed it. Or at least, that’s what you felt.

I guess both our hearts got broken

It was raining

It was sad

It was the day

I said goodbye

I said goodbye,

I said goodbye, to the only man I was only happy around.

I still carry that regret around on my face.

Like hell.

Everyday without you, is like everyday without oxygen

I became sad

You were happier,

You were happier, was I the one holding you back

You were happier, was I the one holding you back?

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