I am making this quick
I am making this quick happy stories

fantadreamworld Bye, I will check in sometimes
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I am making this quick

I’m quitting commaful, fr this time, I’m not coming back, I just feel like I don’t have a need to write on here anymore.

I think I am giving up writing all together after I finish my novel on Wattpad

I have found my life meaning, kind of like when you move on you have to find peace, well, I found my peace, but I’m not dead.

I have finally figured out my life and what I needed

I hope you all become fantastic writers.

I know not a lot of people really care anymore what I do. And I am at peace with that.

I hope you all find your life meanings and make your own peace.

I won’t be deleting any stories or my account

I will miss you all.

I hope everyone of you lives a life you have dreamed about

Bye everyone

~Yours Truly, fantadreamworld~

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