Getting My Gold Comma
Getting My Gold Comma gold comma stories

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This one was a tuffy

Getting My Gold Comma

*my math teacher in class: Have you ever shared candy with anyone? Me: No, I tell them to go get they're own* ( No joke this just happened XD) if you want candy that bad GO BUY YOUR OWN

Hey guys! I am getting my gold comma, or at least working on it

You get the gold comma by commenting the same with bronze and silver, you can monitor your progress and if you don't know how here's how:

1. Go to your profile 2.Click manage your badges 3. You will see the different badges. The more you do what the badges require, the closer they get to done! Good Luck if your trying for one of the badges!

Ok lets goooo!

YUSSS I FINALLY GOT THE GOLD COMMA, this took me two days, So if your trying to get the gold comma, don't expect to get it within an hour

Bye Bye Guys Happy Reading! also go check out my Lyrics story, that took me a good hour.

Next I will be working for the Elite Comma, but I won't make a slide on it XD

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