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From: The Storyteller By:Jodi Picoult

From where we were hiding behind the woodshed on Baruch Beiler's property, We could see it all: Casimir chained on the makeshift stage; The wild rage in Damian's eyes as he screamed at the teen, His spittle flecking the boy's face.

Drunk with power, Damian addressed the villagers, Who huddles beneath the blazing blue sky. Their captain of the guard had found not one perpetrator, But two.

Surely this meant they were safe now? They could go back to the way they had been? Was I the only one who knew that wasn't possible? No, Aleks knew it, too. It was why he had tried to atone for his brother's sins.

"My friends," Damian announced spreading his arms wide. "WE HAVE BROKEN THE BEAST!" There was a roar as the crowd swallowed his words.

"We will bury the upior the way we should have buried the first time: facedown at a crossroad, with an oak stake through the heart!"

Besides me, Aleks was chafing. I held him back with a gentle hand on his soldiers. "Don't" I whispered. "Can't you see, This is all about setting a trap for you?"

"My brother can't help himself. It doesn't make what he does right, But I cannot sit here---"

Damian beckoned to a soldier behind him. "First, we will make sure that he remains dead. And there is only one way to do that.'

The cadest stepped forward, Holding a wicked, Curved scythe. The blade winked like a jewel. He raised it over his head as Casimir squinted into the fierce sunlight Trying to see what was happening above him.

"Three," Damian counted "Two" He turned, fixing his gaze directly at the bush, where we were hidden, And I realized,

He had known we were there all along.


The blade sliced through the air, A scream of metal that severed Casimir's head from his body with a single blow. Blood flooded the stage. It spilled over the edge of the wood and ran in runnels over the ground, Towards the crowd.

"NOOOOO!" Alek cried. He tore away from me and rushed the stage as soldiers ran to apprehend him. But he was no longer a man.

He bit and clawed, Throwing off seven men with the force of an entire army, As the crowd scattered to take cover. When only Damian remained, WIthout his protective escorts, Aleks stepped forward and snarled.

Damian lifted his sword. And then he dropped it, turned tail, and ran.

Aleks was on him before Damian was halfway across the village square. He tackled the captain, Turning Damian so that he landed on his back; So that the clear, Bright sky would be the last thing he ever saw,

In one single, wrenching tear, Aleks ripped out his heart.

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