Just One Dance Just One Kiss
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fangirl13Hi! Umm I LOVEE music!! and stories❤
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Just a short story again
A girl
And a boy
And how it took
One kiss
One dance....

Just One Dance Just One Kiss

I am in total admiration.Her twrils have so much meaning and so much emotion.

The way she dips her head back and twrils again. Filled with passion and exoticness. Her skin looks smooth under the glow of the sunlight.The sun makes her eyelashes look long,thick and beautiful

Her movements breathtakenly graceful.Her brown hair tucked away in a neat bun making her all the lovely.The way her pink full lips smile when she does a move correctly.

When she stops,and looks in my direction,I am mesmorized by her warm light brown eyes that seemed lighter under the glow of the sun.She then smiles with her perfect lips,my breath hitches.

Is it me she smiles at? Has she finally noticed me? She then walks towards me and my heart rate picks up.But,she runs right past me and towards her...boyfriend.I felt a pang in my chest

What was I thinking? She will never see me. She only had eyes for her...... I can't even say it.It pains my heart to see her warmed up in his arms. That should be me. But I guess it'll never go

I found out weeks later that she and him split and that the moment I decided to do what I have been longing to do for a while.I stay at my spot and admire her in red slik dress.

The way it highed her thighs all the way up and was carefree at the bottom.The way her brown hair was curled to the tips of wonders.The way her lips wore a dark shade of red.

The way her brown popped under the smokey eye shadow and the her cheeks tinted pink blush. The view of her was amazing . To me she was perfect. A beautiful creature she is.

Her View

Did he see me? Was he here? I look around the room and my eyes land on the boy that was chatting with a girl.A pang of jealousy hit me.The way his pink plum lips moved when he talked.

The way his dimples showed when he smiled.The way his sexy aroma filled the air.The way his suit fitted him nicely.The way how his chest was exposed was making me hot .The way his deep voice

Captivated me and dominated the room's air suppy was knocking me over and sending my heart in a speed drive. Just then,He fixed his gaze on me and smiled.

His eyes lit up and invited me in ways I couldn't explain.Oh my god.He made his way over me keeping gaze fully on me I couldn't breathe right,My heart was beating faster in my chest

He stopped infront of me. He was silent. I was silent. He looked in my eyes I looked in his. I lowered my eyes. He hooked his finger under my chin meeting his green-eyed gaze

Then he finally spoke. Words I have been dieing to hear. Words that lit fireworks in my heart. "May I have just one dance and just...only just one kiss from your sweet lips?"

I didn't hesitate to bring my lips to his full ones and I could feel rockets blast off sparks fly,butterflies erupt and passion in it.to think all it took was just one kiss and a chance to fall💞

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