My Nerd - A KatsuDeku story
My Nerd - A KatsuDeku story bakudeku stories

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COVERS SENSITIVE TOPICS SUCH AS R*PE! ALSO BOYxBOY! enjoy! "Midoriya!" said Tododroki. "Yes, Todoroki-Kun?" I replied. "I need to talk to you..." "Ok," I said, following him to an alleyway a bit off from school. "I like you, Midoriya," Todoroki said.

My Nerd - A KatsuDeku story


"Midoriya!" said Tododroki. "Yes, Todoroki-Kun?" I replied. "I need to talk to you..." "Ok," I said, following him to an alleyway a bit off from school. "I like you, Midoriya," Todoroki said.

My face went beet red. "Oh... Thank you, Todoroki-Kun. I just.. I like someone else.

I'm so sorry!" After saying that I bowed and turned to leave, but Todoroki grabbed me and whispered, "You're not getting away from me that easily..." I shuddered as he breathed on my neck.

He suddenly jerked away and froze my hands to the wall. I knew what he was going to do... "HELP!" I yelled. "HE-" Todoroki cut me off with a slap.

He whispered in my ear, "Scream and you won't make it out alive." I nodded, then prepared for the worst.

He unzipped my jeans, and carried on with what he was doing, while I was struggling to stay silent.

After he'd finished with me, he left to go to school, leaving me a bruised bloody mess on the ground. I struggled to get up and decided that school wasn't worth it.

I trudged my way towards my house and ran into a familiar explosive blond. "Hey Deku!" Hey yelled at me, stalking up to me angrily.

He was 10 feet away and ready to explode me when I said, "Please, Kacchan. Not today. Please." He came closer, and his expression hardened. "What happened, Deku?" he said. "N-nothing, Kacchan.

Just fell down the stairs." I laughed nervously. "Um, I think the fuck not, Deku! What really happened?" I looked down at myself, realized my pants were unzipped and I was bleeding everywhere.

"T-Todoroki... Well, he...he..." I started crying. Then, the unimaginable happened. Kacchan bent down and wrapped his arms around me. I cried into his chest, and he registered what I'd said.

"IcyHot.. He...He didn't?" He said. I just nodded. Freakishly calm, he said, "You won't be seeing IcyHot for a long time..." I looked up at him, and he picked me up and brought me home.

He cleaned my wounds, then brought me to my bed. He laid me down, wrapping his arms around me, and I drifted off to sleep. "Don't worry, nerd," he started. "I'll keep you safe."


Barely able to control my anger, I stalked into school, immediately heading for the staff room.

I was a student, and I knew I wouldn't be able to kill that IcyHot bastard without going to jail after, at least not without permission from the Pros.

"Hello, young Bakugou. Do you need anything?" All Might asked. I nodded, and said, "I need permission to seriously injure/kill Todoroki." The teachers stared at me. "Um, why?" Present Mic said.

"He...he..r*ped Deku," I said, my voice laced with barely hidden anger. "Yesterday morning, on my way to school, I noticed Deku limping to his house.

I got closer to him and saw that his jeans were undone, he was bleeding, and that he had burns and frostbite covering him. I carried him home, and he told me what had happened.

" The teachers were shocked, but their faces almost immediately turned to anger. "Where is Todoroki?" Aizawa Sensei said, looking ready to kill.

"Probably in the classroom," I said, also ready to kick some ass. "Let's go."

We approached the classroom, and Aizawa told us to go outside in the courtyard by our classroom. He went through the door, and soon Todoroki came out, looking confused.

"Yes, Aizawa Sensei?" he said. Aizawa glared and replied, "You know why..." Todoroki froze, then smirked. "What are you going to do about it?" he said with confidence.

"You'll see," Aizawa replied. He gave us the signal, and we came out like an army, eyes locked on Todoroki. Aizawa took away his quirk, and then I literally exploded him into the sun.

"Bye IcyHot!" I yelled. That was fun. Aizawa dismissed me so I could go care for Deku, and I decided to confess my feelings.

I've liked him since we were 6, but back then it was just trying to hug him really hard. Now it's something more.

I walked into the house to find Deku sitting on the couch watching anime. I sat down and snuggled close to him, and he turned around and hugged me. "Hi kacchan!" he said. "Hey Deku.

I have something to tell you," I replied. Deku looked confused. "I like you, you damn nerd." I felt like an idiot. Why would he ever li-? My thoughts were cut off by a pair of lips on mine.

I deepened the kiss, and we sat like that for what felt like forever. We broke apart for air, and Deku said, "Want to take this upstairs?" I smirked and replied, "Sure, my little nerd."

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