You Should Be{A Derek x Zack Fanfiction}
You Should Be{A Derek x Zack Fanfiction} aphmau stories

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Warning: This is badly written and not one of my best fanfics, but I wrote it.

You Should Be{A Derek x Zack Fanfiction}

Derek had sent Aaron to a... anonymous therapist for a while now, he was getting the job done with Aaron though, so he didn't think of it as anything.

But, he still had his doubts... He went to go thank the therapist for what he did, but there was no sign of him anywhere around there.

He assumed the therapist had left already until he heard a very... familiar voice from behind him.

"Hi, Derek.."

Derek turned around to see his former friend as his eyes widened, how did he get out?

"Zack... How did you-"

Zack interrupted him, not letting him talk at all.

"A lot of time... A lot of work... And a lot of other stuff you decided to cause."

"It was-"

"An accident? Don't lie to me... You knew exactly what you were doing."

Derek didn't know what to say or do, this was all so sudden...

"St... Stay away from them. Or I'll make sure everyone knows that-"

"Oh no, you're not gonna say anything... You're gonna stay quiet like a good boy. You're not gonna be a tattletale about it, are you~?"

Derek slightly flinched as Zack got closer to him, backing away quickly.

"What's wrong? Are you scared?"

Zack kept getting closer to him as Derek backed up more, looking over at the door.

"You are... Cute."

Derek tried pushing and kicking him away, shivering a bit as Zack smirked to himself and pinned him against the wall.

"St-Stop it..."

"You should be scared..."

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