Tricked{A Zack x Derek Fanfiction}
Tricked{A Zack x Derek Fanfiction} aphmau stories

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Zack had gained a crush on Derek, longing for a day where he got to talk to him about it finally. But little did he know... he'd fall away from him before he ever got the chance to talk to him.

Tricked{A Zack x Derek Fanfiction}

Zack had gained a small crush on Derek over the years he had worked there, it was small, so he decided not to act on it... Since he had a wife at the time.

But since he got a divorce due to... Cheating on her, he decided to get closer to Derek.

Derek came into the office, looking like he hadn't slept in days as he looked around the room.

"H-Hey Derek."

Derek looked over at Zack, raising his eyebrow at the stuttering as Zack bit his lip in nervousness.

"I... I wanna talk to you about something after work... I-If you're up for it"

Zack didn't mean to sound serious, he was just nervous about asking him... He hoped he would say yes.

"About what....?"

Derek's voice sounded serious, which was annoying because Zack wasn't trying to make this serious in the first place.

"U-Um!... Well, you're not supposed to know until then! Okay! Anyways, back to work!"

Zack went back to his workspace as he went through the medical things for the potions and tried to stay focused, but the whole time he could only think of what to say to Derek...

What if he got something wrong and he ended up regretting it for the rest of his life?

He couldn't bear that... Though he wasn't really good with relationships anyway, so it wouldn't be anything new to him.

Michael came into the room, he had planned to throw Garte into the Irene Dimension, he had unknown reasons why though.

The time came from when the work was about to end, and the time came for Garte to be pushed into the portal...

Michael opened the portal to push him in as Derek got out of his seat, Zack was confused by why though, he didn't need to do anything.

Derek quickly pushed Michael into the portal as Zack stared at him in shock for a bit and Elizabeth got pushed in also, Zack didn't know what to do so he just stood there...

Watching as he too was pushed into the portal also.

He fell on the ground of the new dimension he was in as he looked around at everything, getting up from his....position he was in.

Everything around him was empty and white... He couldn't go anywhere either.

"I... Why..?"

Everything just felt so trapped, so lifeless... Almost like a prison.

"I...I'll kill you for this, Derek...."

He noticed the portal was still open as he dashed towards it, it closed right away onto his face as he stared at it... His stomach suddenly getting heavy.... He felt hurt... Betrayed... Grief.

He had every right to get upset over what he did... or at least he thought he did.

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