Perfect For Me And Me Only{A Garte x Derek Fanfiction}
Perfect For Me And Me Only{A Garte x Derek Fanfiction} aphmau stories
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A crush is a strange type of thing... Sometimes it can be innocent and heart-warming, sometimes it can be physically and emotionally painful... Especially when they're already with someone. Garte wants Derek all for himself, but he doesn't wanna kill... He knows as long as Rachel's alive, he'll never get any sort of time with Derek.... But he continues to suffer for Derek's sake.

Perfect For Me And Me Only{A Garte x Derek Fanfiction}

Garte stared at Derek up and down as he sat at the desk, he was perfect... For him at least.

Garte kept his feelings hidden well... He didn't wanna scare him off, after all.

The only problem standing in his way of having Derek was his wife..... She was a sweetheart and all, but he couldn't even have Derek even a little bit if she was in the way.

Garte played with the pen in his hand for a bit as he stared at the business paper in front of him, fidgeting a little to himself as Derek looked over at him.

He could feel his eyes on him as he tried not to seem stressed or anything, flipping the pen over and over again as Derek went over to him.

He noticed the empty paper as he took the pen away from Garte carefully,

"You need help?"

Garte nodded, moving over as Derek went over to his side and looked at the paper, going through it with a pen.

He really didn't need help with the paper... Irene knows he was more experienced with business than Derek ever was.

Derek got the paper done as he went back to his desk, Garte moved on to the next thing he was doing as he noticed someone... Awfully familiar walk into the room.

Rachel. Of course, it had to be her...

She went over to Derek, Garte's head suddenly pounding as he looked over at them.

"Derek, you have to come home. Aaron went missing again.."

Derek quickly got up,

"Alright, I'll be there to look for him in a sec, okay?"

He then kissed her cheek softly as she nodded and left the room, Garte started to feel sick as his chest became tight and he suddenly felt the need to hyperventilate...

he was struggling to not do that as Derek looked over him again, noticing his behavior as he asked him in worry,

"You okay....? You look... Extremely sick."

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Totally"

Garte sounded so casual but really he just wanted to scream from the amounts of pain his own emotions were giving him, he didn't even know how to stop it.

Anytime Derek would give anyone else affection, he'd get like this... feeling like he needed to vomit as he struggled to get away from the room...

He didn't know what this feeling was, jealousy? Rage?... It was so unclear.

Though he couldn't tell anyone about it, even his most trusted friend couldn't know about it... he was too afraid of losing him.

Garte rushed out of the room, he felt his own jealousy in every part of his body... he wanted it to stop...

Derek knew something was wrong, but he had to go find Aaron..... This decision was him making other decisions.... He went to go find Aaron.

Garte stood in the hallway, his body continuing to ache as he sighed, trying to ignore the pain in his head, his stomach, and his chest at the same time.

"I...I want him for me.... O-Only me....."

He said to himself as the pain in his chest got worse and he slammed his head against the wall in order to tune out the pain, his head was now throbbing... But it was better than emotional pain.

"I need him... He's perfect.... For me at least..."

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