Partners In Crime{A Michi x Ein Fanfiction}
Partners In Crime{A Michi x Ein Fanfiction} aphmau stories

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Michi had been left out in the winter snow by Aaron, she didn't even know how she got there... But someone else found her, who also needed help.

Partners In Crime{A Michi x Ein Fanfiction}

Michi had been left in the cold by Aaron, she didn't even know what she was doing there... all she saw was Aaron.

She had lost consciousness in the snow as she shivered from the breeze, practically freezing as the snow sprinkled all over her.

Ein wandered the woods in order to find where Michael wanted to meet... wondering if he was ever going to show up.

He saw a bit of purple hair in the snow as he looked over at the patch of snow, noticing the meif'wa immediately as he studied her for a bit, wondering what she was doing there.

He recognized her from high school, but he seemed to have forgotten her name.

He picked her up, she was freezing cold.

He thought she might be... useful to him, probably not alone... Maybe the potions will help with that.

He brought her out of the cold, going his way to the lodge as he hurried over to the fire, getting it fired up as he placed her on a chair and moved it close to the fire.

Ein found a sweater next to his potions as he grabbed it and wrapped it around her, he started to feel around her to make sure she was actually alive.

She was shivering rapidly, so he just assumed she was alive.

The purple haired meif'wa slowly started to wake up as he looked at her and her eyes opened, she looked around the room in confusion as the sudden warmness came to her,

she wasn't outside anymore.


Michi looked over at him, studying his appearance for awhile as Ein did the same to her.


Michi slowly started to recognize him from high school as she got out of her chair and realized the sweater on top of her,

"Wait.. You're that one werewolf boy from high school, aren't you?"

"Yes, Ein, you?"


"What are you doing out here?"

"I don't know! I just showed up here!"

Ein nodded, she was probably another one of Michael's experiments he used from time to time, either way, he didn't want to get in the way of all that.

"...Thanks for saving me."

"It was really no problem. Anyways, are you warm?"

Michi nodded,

"Yes, I'm very warm... I can leave if you want."


Michi looked back at him, confused.

"Someone obviously left you out there... wanna get some revenge for that?"

"Seems interesting enough... And yes, I was left out there.."

Michi was taken back as Ein started sniffing around her, she kicked him away from her.

"Hey if you wanna do that you gotta get to know me first!"

"It was nothing like that- ....You're with Aaron???"

"...I wish..."

Ein aahed a bit,

"I see.. I'm sorry.."

"You can't POSSIBLY care. You hardly know me."

"I can help you though."

Michi had to admit, he did seem genuine about this.. And she wanted something more out of life, so this would be perfect for her.

"Fine. What do we do first?"

"Lure Aaron away from Aphmau.... That'd be your task."

"That shouldn't be a problem!"

They continued to work together... for a long time, they developed feeling for each other also... They promised to stay together.

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