My Favorite MyStreet Characters Headcanons.
My Favorite MyStreet Characters Headcanons. aphmau stories

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Headcanons for Aphmau characters!

My Favorite MyStreet Characters Headcanons.

Hi, let's just get to it.

Derek Lycan{Aaron's good for nothing dad} headcanons.

-His parents sucked even when they weren't dead, Derek had to get his parenting skills from somewhere. And it sure as hell wasn't Rowan.

-Derek is one of those dads who would say 'language!' if you dare curse in his presence with that dirty mouth of yours. Plot twist: He's also one of the dads that swear all the time.

-UwU sad pancake boy.



-My guy acts more like a puppy than Daniel.

-He's really bad at dad jokes.


-He's pan. By that, I mean pancakesexual.

Garte Ro'Meave Headcanons.

-Probably used to be an emo boy.

-Anger problems.

-Absolutely zero attention from his parents.

-Zane's like him, so he needs more discipline.


-Trying to explain yourself means sassing.

-Comic relief.

-Musical trash.

-Obsessed, depressed, and over the top stressed.

-Michael's mean to him.

-The one who did nothing wrong but still gets blamed for it.

Zack Shalashaska Headcanons

-Literally, the softest person there even when he isn't.

-Short boy.

-Literally, everyone on the streets mistakes him for a loli boy.

-Implied crush on Derek.

-He speaks NERD-

-A bit obsessive.


-His mama left him as soon as she saw him.


-Definitely Dilf.

-Totally a werewolf supremacist.

-Hans but not murderous. Maybe.

-Whatever he is, he ain't straight.

-Will literally use words you said against you if you dare do anything to him in the future.

-Nice hair.

-He be hella built.

-He never got the milk he went out for.

-Fuyuhiko but in Minecraft.


Ivan Headcanons.

-My guy thinks he's a movie character. Which is half-true.

-He's one of the pranksters on TikTok who enjoy sending people to the hospital.

-Ivan could be a better main villain than Ein. Though his ego still gets in the way of things.

-He and Xavier could've teamed up in the past.

-He basically got Hans villain arc, which is a sad thing to get.

Michael{The Demon Warlock} Headcanons.

-My guy's perfect the way he was written. He doesn't need headcanons.

-Okay but I headcanon him as an ace, cause it seemed like he didn't really show any attraction towards anyone.

-He could've been a writer in another alternate universe..

-I can't think of anything that needs changing in his character, so he's perfect.

-I kinda wish he didn't get dumbed down just to get killed by Irene. I get that she's basically God, but come on- At least make him put up more of a fight.

-More dilf than these losers.

-I wanna be stepped on by him.

-Probably would suit a masochist.

Sylvana headcanons.

-She and Zack met at a Beyonce concert. So technically, he was a beyoncemate.

-She is definitely a pro-feminist.

-She and Zianna became friends right after Zack cheated.

-She has canon trauma due to Zack.

-Anyone who steals a Beyonce joke from her will either find themselves dead at the side of the road or will no longer be able to be associated with anyone around her. The penalty is death.

-Milf. She's so milf.

-She was brainwashed by Michael. Which would make sense on why she started seeing Aaron as a monster instead of a son again.

-She looks frightening like Momdere.... Or Ryoba... Same thing.

The end. For now...

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