Accidental Coincidence{A Zack x Garte MyStreet Fanfiction}
Accidental Coincidence{A Zack x Garte MyStreet Fanfiction}  aphmau stories

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Zack had been given the very serious task of making sure Garte didn't escape, which he failed. Garte learns that all memories of him from his family have been wiped, which starts to make him upset.

Accidental Coincidence{A Zack x Garte MyStreet Fanfiction}

Zack was now living with Elizabeth due to complications and low money, Elizabeth had been holding Garte captive at the moment due to also needing her revenge.

She was still deciding on what to do with him though.

Zack had lots of things to do if he was going to live with her, so he got right to it... With cleaning, getting a new job, and also making sure Garte didn't escape.

He didn't want to be kicked out, so he listened to all of this stuff to stay there. He didn't agree with Garte being kept there, but he had to deal with it.

Zack decided to work on the computer since it was closer and he was anonymous on it, since he worked with Michael he was still tense that the guardian forces would blame him.

While he was working, he had all his time focused on it, he didn't want to miss anything and risk getting fired... Elizabeth wouldn't like that.

Garte looked over at him, seeing he was distracted... He could leave at any time and Zack wouldn't notice that he even existed in the first place.

And Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen, so she wouldn't know either.

Garte hurried towards the door as he opened it, Zack was starting to becoming less distracted as Garte hurried outside and closed the door quietly.

Hopefully, he didn't notice... This way he could escape.

Zack looked away from his screen and looked over where Garte 'was', his eyes widening in fear as he looked around the house to see if he was anywhere there.

He had escaped! He should've been paying attention...

Elizabeth would kill him if she knew Garte had gone, which isn't too good for Zack.

Zack went outside to see if he was there, he had gone already.

"Well, by the looks of it... Today may be my death date."

Zack joked to himself to try and calm down, but he was so shaky that it ended up making it worse.

"...I really need to find him. Before she gets home.."

Meanwhile, with Garte, he went to go find his family... To hopefully tell them where he was all this time.

He knocked on the door to his house as he waited for someone to answer it, Zianna ended up answering it as she looked at Garte in confusion.

"Can I help you?"

"Z-Zianna! It's me! Garte....! We're together, r-remember?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, you have the wrong person... I don't know who you are. I haven't heard of a Garte before either.."

Garte's heart slowly sank in his chest as his voice cracked a bit,

"B-But you do! D-Don't you remember me? Remember where we met??? Where we were married? Please Zianna, you're the love of my life! Please try to remember me!"

"I seriously think you have the wrong person... Sorry."

She closed the door on him as Garte looked down at the ground, had she really forgotten him...?

Garte left the house as he went for a walk for a while, to collect some things on his mind...

Zack was struggling to find Garte as he looked over at The Ro'Meave house and looked for him there, there was no hope there either.

It's not like he was expecting there to be though, Elizabeth had wiped the Ro'Meaves memories clean of Garte... they probably wouldn't let a 'stranger' into their home.

Zack went to his last hope of finding him, the park.

He looked around everywhere, checking all the tourists' attractions and things like that.

Since this place seemed to be his favorite, he checked here.

At least that's what he noticed while being his Co-worker for the amount of time he was.

Zack saw him over on a bench as he sighed in relief, he could keep his head this time.

Zack started to slowly notice that Garte looked extremely distressed as he went over to him, something was definitely wrong.


Garte looked over at him, then looked away from him quickly.

"Go away..."

"Now, now, there's no reason to act like an emo kid, is there?"

"Th-They forgot me... All of them..."

Zack 'ahed' a bit at his half-mumbled statement as he sat next to him and tried to be some sort of comfort tool for a while,

though time was running short and he would get fired if he didn't get home as soon as possible.

"I'm sorry.."

Garte huffed a little like a child as he looked down at the ground and tried to come up with something to say back,

but there was nothing he could think about besides the fact that the love of his life had forgotten everything about him...

Zack tried hugging him a bit as Garte shoved him off and turned away from him, refusing to accept comfort from him.

Zack decided to just back off, as last time he tried comforting someone like this, they bit him.

"L... Let's just get back to the house."

Garte just came with him, not saying a word or even hesitating... Just looking straight down as Zack got him in the house.

Garte went back to where he was, still being as silent as possible.

"H-Hey... It's alright... Don't worry... They'll remember over time."

Zack tried comforting Garte once again as Garte once again, pushed him away and rejected his comfort.

"No... They won't... She didn't even recognize me in the slightest! Stop lying to me!"

Zack's body flinched a bit from the yelling, which was pretty intimidating due to Garte having the lowest yell in the world.

Zack thought, maybe this time it'd work... And he hugged Garte at once, being gentle though.

Garte looked down at him in confusion as Zack cuddled him a bit and held onto him, Garte thought he knew where this was going...

Garte grabbed Zack by the collar as he pinned him to the couch and got on top of him, slowly leaning in for a kiss as Zack's eyes widened in shock.

The kiss last longer than expected as Zack just lay there and stared up at him, Garte stopped as he got off of him and Zack sat up.

"I... I'm sorry.."

"It's fine..."

They both decided that they needed to ignore this coincidence and they didn't talk to each other until Elizabeth got home.

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