A Travis-ty. {A Travis x Katelyn MyStreet Fanfiction}
A Travis-ty. {A Travis x Katelyn MyStreet Fanfiction} aphmau stories

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Travis came back, but something still doesn't seem quite right. It seems that Travis has become more distant, and it's up to Katelyn to find out why.

A Travis-ty. {A Travis x Katelyn MyStreet Fanfiction}

Katelyn had to live without Travis for a while, due to everything that had happened in starlight... they wanted to question him about it.

Katelyn had to wait months for Travis to come back, but all that waiting had been worth it to see Travis again.

Katelyn waited at the airport for Travis patiently as she sat down on one of the seats... reading whatever magazines they had at the time.

She felt a tap on her shoulder as she looked up to see who it was, her eyes widened as she got up and wrapped her arms around him in no time at all.

"H- Heyy, Katelyn~"

Katelyn gasped a bit as she hugged him tightly,

"Travis! I missed you so much! Are you alright???"

"Well, I could be better but I'm fine. How are you?"

"Good now that you are here.."

"Well, that's good"

Katelyn went through his hair gently as she kissed him softly on the lips and hugged him once again, the uncomfortable tension suddenly leaving the moment.

"Now we don't have to be away from each other again... They said they were done with me. We can stay together..."

"That's awesome! I'm sure the others will be happy to see you.."

"Obviously not as much as you...! Though I'm really happy to see you too, blueberry.."

Katelyn got off him as she smiled lightly and grabbed his hand,

"W-Well, let's get you home already then..."

Travis nodded as Katelyn took him out of the airport and got him to her car, he got in the passenger's seat right away as Katelyn hurried to the driver's seat.

She got the engine started as she felt a tap on her,

"We're not in any rush, no need to go so fast."

"Well, what do you wanna do then?"

"W-Well... How about the thing we were doing at the airport, blueberry~?"

"Fine. Only for a little bit though."

They decided to lock lips again as Katelyn held him close and things took a step up.

A few months later, Travis was already settled into his old home, and Dante and he were connecting again... through video games.

Something was wrong though, Travis seemed to... become more distant from everyone else over the months he was there.

Katelyn was determined to figure out what was wrong.

Travis came to her house one day to hang out with her, so Katelyn decided to confront him about it here.

"Hey, Travis... I'd like to talk to you about... something real quick"

Travis raised an eyebrow in curiosity as he nodded,

"Yeah? What do you need to talk to me about?"

"Well, you've been becoming more distant from everyone else lately..."

Travis became silent at her statement as Katelyn sympathized with him a little,

"Is it because of what happened to him...?"

"No... It's nothing like that..."

"What is it then?"

Katelyn cuddled up near him as she went gently through his hair and tried to listen enough for him,

"Well... Michael... Well, he um... I-I don't think he's actually dead..."


"I-I can still hear him in my mind... Even if he went over to my dad's... I-I can still hear him... He won't leave me alone..."

Katelyn was taken back by this, she didn't know what to say... She wanted to help her boyfriend in any way though.

"W-We gotta take you to Lucinda! She could help with this!"

Travis nodded in agreement,

"Yeah... I'll see her about this later... B-But it's not that big of a deal... Th-The voice isn't for sure real yet..."

"I see... Hopefully, it's just nothing."

Little did Katelyn know, it would be far more than nothing...

A few weeks later, Travis had been becoming more and more distant... he still hadn't seen Lucinda about this.

"Travis, this is getting out of hand... Seriously is that all that's wrong?"

Travis smirked a bit at her, nodding.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I've just been working a lot lately."

"Wait, you got a job?"

"Well, kinda.."

Katelyn could hear the change in his voice as she backed up a little, he really was back...

"Y-You! Let him go."

Travis- Or who was controlling his body, smirked in delight from her scared voice.

"Well... I don't really need him anymore~ So sure, I'll let him go."

Katelyn noticed a knife on the table as Travis picked it up, she tried grabbing it from him but he pushed her away.

"W-Wait! Please! Don't kill him!"

Travis gave Katelyn one last smile as Katelyn's eyes filled with tears, watching as Travis stabbed the knife into him and then pulled it out, doing it over and over and over again...

like it didn't hurt him at all.

He suddenly stopped as he dropped the knife and Katelyn ran towards him, holding him as Michael left Travis's body and Travis struggled slightly to stay alive.


The last life that Travis had, suddenly died as his eyes closed and tears fell from Katelyn's eyes... he was gone.

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