2. The Stranger
2. The Stranger warewolf stories
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Chapter 2.
(Warewolf!AU, hybrid!AU, Reverse harem, Supernatural!AU)
The night y/n's world fell apart in front of her eyes clicked something into place.

She didn't have a story before that night, just loose fragments of an identity, a flawed piece within ordinary ones, never understanding why the voices in her head were trying to reach for something that could never be seen or touched.

By sunrise, she had looked into the eyes of her biggest fears and filled her lungs with the pure, animalistic, instinct of survival. It leads her into a new reality, one where a war between creatures awaits her.

Her destiny crosses the path of a man with hatred in his eyes and blood on his tongue.

2. The Stranger

Chapter one in profile Previously: Still, what makes absolute terror pour through the blood in her veins isn't the fire, but the giant grotesque creature that looks directly towards her, sitting in her destroyed bed, waiting for their prey in the flames.


Spiral horns soar towards the sky, its pitch-black body contrasts with the yellow of its slitted eyes, his mouth is torn in the face,

with sharp irregular fangs dripping saliva and blood as dark as wine.

The claws, which look more like long black knives than like actual fingers, swing the lifeless remains of Morgan's body.

The roommate's blue, glassy eyes, are still open and seem to stare at her, tattooing the expression of despair in Y/N's mind.

The monstrosity roars, the sound echoes through the walls like a chorus of voices screaming in agony and Y/N's heart seems to be completely paralyzed in her chest.

It is when it gets up from the flames that the girl's legs - before weak and uncertain - burst into action without her noticing.

Y/N runs down the corridor, runs with all the strength left in her sick body, goes down the stairs to the first floor like an arrow, struggling with teary eyes,

feet flying through the steps in the dark, she struggles with the suffocating anxiety.

All the silhouettes become unrecognizable blurs and she uses muscle memory to guide herself through the corridors.

The monster runs on four legs out of the room, bumping its heavy body against the walls, jumping up the stairs,

howling behind her with its terrifying voices that make the frames on the walls shake.

Blood blocks her ears, fear ties her throat and she can't scream, she can't think,

adrenaline blindly guides her into one of the narrow corridors that leads to the nuns' prayer rooms in hopes of reaching the gardens and running away from the house through the back gate.

The creature is getting closer and closer, she hears the claws tearing the wood tiles just behind her heels, Y/N gasps desperately, she is drowning in her own fear, but can't stop moving.

With the effort of making a corner on the corridor, the girl's body slips and she falls, beating her chest and head on the floor, she immediately stumbles stupidly to get up,

knowing very well that her life is vanishing by the second.

Clapping her hands against the walls, nails scratching and breaking with the impact, she gains balance again, but the creature seems to take advantage of the fall.

The monster will catch up, she can almost feel its breath on her back, the only thing that seems to be slowing it down is how narrow the hallway is.

The giant body gets caught up and it has to break its way through. Its yellow eyes shine in the darkness like a predator when fixing its prey and reflect in the glass of the pictures.

The girl feels the strength draining from her fingertips and sobs heavily when she sees the glass doors to the garden, if she can take the next step, and the one after that, just a little more,

maybe she'll survive. Y/N throws herself against the glass as a desperate last resort, one last cry for survival.

The glass is shattered and she rolls through the fragments, tries to get up to run to the fence at full speed but her right leg shoots in unbearable pain.

Unable to support her own body, the girl falls again, hitting her face on the dirty snow and glass, she now knows that there is nothing more she can do, death is a certainty.

She takes one last look at the gates. It only lasts a fraction of a second, her eyes are filled with tears not from fear but from boiling rage. So close, and yet so far.

She had such a disgraceful life, filled with so much pain and sorrow, and yet... How come she wanted to live so badly.

The creature launches itself at her, its gigantic hands landing on either side of the squirming girl, dripping blood and slobber on her face as it exposes the fangs,

she screams and cries in terror.

The puzzle pieces in her brain seem to click into place, "I'm finally going to die", she thinks. Her life had come to an end, in this way, in this excruciating and disgusting way.

Contemplating her last moments, she realizes that after a lifetime of abandonment and loneliness,

it was only the last vestiges of ignorant optimism that made her hope her death would not be so lonely, empty, and violent.

In complete honesty, she never wanted life as badly as she did now, she never gave it value until it was time to die.

Were this panic and fear just the automatic, animalistic instinct of survival, or, perhaps, she hoped that on the other side of the metal fence, she could find a life worth surviving for?

She would never find out.

The monster charges at the girl, who raises her arms to defend herself.

She cries out in pain when the teeth sink into her skin, the huge, pitch-black demon lifts her up in the air, butchering the girl's bones with its powerful jaw as it roars wildly,

her blood paints the snow red.

A loud shot echoes in the dorms, two, three, the fangs detach themselves from the fragile skin of Y/N's arm and she falls weakly into her own blood poll,

vision spinning and body trembling in pain.

The beast screams through the night, another shot, Y/N rolls on her stomach slowly and tries to crawl away, pulling the body with her good arm, crying uncontrollably, babbling prayers.

She hears wood and glass shattering, more shots, a human voice screams angrily but she can't make out the words with the adrenaline pumping in her ears,

the door to the fence is slowly approaching, the monster roars, one last shot is fired at night and then she is surprised with complete silence.

Silence, except for her own heavy breathing, except for the steps behind her, except for the sound of acid corroding something, which she soon realizes to be her own skin.

It's too much, it's too tiring, she can't move anymore without knowing what's approaching. She turns her head and, eyes above her shoulder.

The glass doors were completely destroyed and the gigantic body of the beast lays on the snow in front of it, just a few feet away.

And there's a man, dressed in black from head to toe, pale skin shining in the night light and rapidly moving chest, a long weapon in his hands.

He runs over to her, bending down to hold the girl's tired body in his arms. His eyes are kind, she notices.

His body is not exorbitantly muscular, but firm when he presses her into his own chest.

The man's lips move, but she hears nothing, he pulls out a small object from his coat and a second later it lights up, a flashlight.

He points the tool at Y/N's unfocused eyes, then presses his fingers against the base of her neck before his eyes lower to exam her arm, it hangs uselessly next to the girl's body.

She tries to follow his gaze, having a quick view of the torn skin and the unrecognizable shape of an arm before she gets lightheaded and her vision darkens.

Her neck hangs back and she falls completely unconscious into the stranger's arms.


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