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What if not Prince William was the heir to the throne, but Prince Charles and Princess Diana had another first born. Meet Prince Alexander Edward Louis Philip of Wales. He was born on May 22 1982, Prince William's birthday in this story is June 21, 1983 and Prince Harry's is September 15th 1984.

The pressure on Prince Alexander to find a wife is high, he needs to produce an heir, even if Charles is ahead of him. He's much loved by the people of the kingdom, he's truly his mother's son and everyone wants to see him happy. Prince Alexander doesn't want to settle for just anyone. He wants what William found with Catherine and Harry found with Meghan. Just when he was about to give up he meets a feisty young woman named Amelia and it's not long before he realises that he's found his true love in her.

What If? (British Royal family fanfiction)

Chapter 1: "Amelia, are you leaving already?" Chloe called out to her from where she still lay in her bed. "Yes, I told them I'd go a bit earlier, I'm joining them into the small town near the Volcano national park. Don't worry if I'm not back before sundown. Nathalie is coming with me so no I'm not going without a teacher." she told her best friend as she simply turned over much to Amelia's amusement. They were in their second year of nursing school and had come over to Africa on their abroad internship. They were only in their third week and the things they'd seen already. Well, it was enough to have taught them more than the school could ever have. No school or talk could have prepared them for what they would see out here. But it was a wonderful chance and she wouldn't have it any other way. When the doctors had asked who was volunteering to go near the monkey reserve, she'd been the first up. Then she had to talk to her teacher into going as well since she couldn't do anything unauthorised. But that didn't happen here, the need for aid was just too big, so the teachers cut in where they could as well. Nathalie was one of her favourite teachers, somehow she always ended up being her mentor during the internship. And the two had formed a bond, Amelia knew things about her teacher, no others did and it was the same in reverse. She was just an amazing woman and Nathalie had seen the excitement to get out of the capital in her student's eyes and agreed to go along. She too was getting a bit sick of being stuck in this location. So many people coming for aid and there were never enough hands. "Ready to get going?" Nathalie asked her as the sun was still out, the darkness surrounded them. three land cruisers were lined up to take them and their gear up to the mountain village. Amelia was curious to see what difference it would be to the capital. So far they'd gone to every slum and it had brought her and Chloe nearly to tears. The two had gotten to know each other when they'd started school a year and a half ago and it had felt like they'd always known each other. Sure she had other friends from before that, Sophie was one of them. But Amelia despite her being social and such didn't have a lot of real friends she trusted with her life. there was Chloe, here with her on this trip. She'd like to count Nathalie and a few other teachers amongst them as well. It was a small campus and the teachers were close to their students. She had a handful to whim she was really close to. then there was Steven. He hadn't joined them on this internship along with Fleur, those two had decided to do their internship in Belgium, their country. Amelia on the other hands was the ever adventurer and wanted to see what lay outside of those borders, she really loved travelling whenever she could get away with it. And then there was this opportunity, how could she have said no to that? "Yes, early though considering we only got in at 11," she told her friend as Nathalie held out a cup of tea for her student and friend. There were these people you got to meet where you felt an instant connection with. Amelia was one of those people and she'd become near and dear to her heart. It was amazing to see her grow and spread her wings in the way she did with all the hurdles that were thrown her way. A class that till a few weeks ago had only been mean to her ever since they'd started last year. Together with Steven, Fleur and Chloe they'd been the odd ones as they'd been called, didn't belong to the class. And then a few weeks ago the rotten apple as she was called finally stopped with her altitude and things got better. but it never brought Amelia down, it made her even more stubborn in what she wanted to reach in her life. She was the best of her class and wasn't about to be brought down due to what they did to her. "Well, it wasn't my idea to go drinking last night." Nathalie pointed out as Amelia let out a groan. "Blame Chloe, she can sleep in more or less, I can't," Amelia told her as Nathalie sat there snickering at the bond between those two. if they weren't so different in looks, they would surely be mistaken for siblings seeing as how close they were. "She wanted to celebrate or second to last week here." Amelia pointed out as she lifted the cup of tea to her lips and let out a sigh as the taste hit her tongue. The joke was that she was the only nurse not to drink coffee in their team. The fact was she didn't like coffee and couldn't handle it very well either. She got always nauseous when she drunk it. So the best idea was to just stay clear of it and she didn't mind at all. Tea was great as well, normally she'd drink orange juice in this hot weather. But it was early and the morning still had a chill about it. Looking at the window, the light above her on since the trunk was still open she could see her reflection in the glass. Her blue eyes were alight with their usual glint, which would intensify if she was really happy or if she was up to mischief as they'd tell you. She had some bags under her eyes from the long hours they'd already put in during the last three weeks. "Are you still handling things?" Nathalie asked her, it was a worry with each of their students, they were used to hospital life without a doubt and Amelia always performed to the point where she'd always get a job offer for when she was finished school. She'd been her internship mentor for 4 of her 6 past internships and had seen how well she did. She was great at distancing herself from anything that could hurt her. She wasn't good with emotions she'd tell everyone, but that was far from the truth. You would only need to see her with any of her patients to see how big her heart was for them. She cared about them, about their cares and worries, about everything that went on with them. She was great at being a nurse and believed she'd be a great one till she joined them as a teacher as she'd already told Nathalie. "No, yes it's tough but I'm handling it," she told her mentor with a reassuring smile and tone as the car shook to life and they were off for the nearly two and a half hour drive. Then they'd need to take another hour hike to make it to the village they needed to be at. "Still Amelia, if you need to talk about you can come to me, you know that. This isn't your run of the mill hospital Amelia, this is different." Nathalie told her as Amelia rested her head against the cool window of the car. "I know, but I'm handling it, for now, if I need to talk I'll come to you I promise," Amelia reassured her as the car started to get through the capital. Just when they reached the outers corners of the capital the sun started to rise and Amelia couldn't help herself but start taking pictures again. There was something about the simpleness of nature that always sucked her in. and the sunrises were always stunning here. "You looking forward to going home?" she asked her teacher and friend after a little while. "of course, I miss the kids and my husband." Nathalie told her as Amelia gave her a small smile, it's only a week and a half anymore." she told her teacher with a small squeeze of her arm. "And you?" Nathalie asked her with a tilt of her hand, knowing how close she was with her grandparents. It had been hard for her to say goodbye to them for six weeks, but it had been worth it. "Yea, I miss gran and gramps, I miss my two dogs. I'm just looking forward to being around familiar things again," she admitted, she had no doubt that this trip had been amazing, was even convinced that she'd come back when she was graduated. But she was looking forward to going home as well. there was nothing like home as they saying went and she truly believed in that. "I think all of us will be happy to be going home soon," Nathalie noted as the ride went on and Amelia decided to take a small nap whilst she still could. "You okay?" Nathalie asked as they stopped halfway during the hike, it was quite steep and both of them almost had it. They just wanted to get up there without being as breathless as they were. But they weren't going to complain out loud now were they. The carrier, carrying their stuff had it much tougher of that she was certain. "I'm alright, just didn't realise I was this out of shape." she joked as Nathalie snickered along shaking her head, only comments such as these could come out of Amelia's mouth. "Alright let's get going again." Someone called out as the got up and started hiking again. and then finally they reached a pretty flat clearing. Children were playing football and cheering before noticing them and running up to them. Amelia couldn't help but smile as she crouched down to hug each and every one of them. "We are getting ready in the pavilion." The doctor on the team announced as Nathalie and Amelia were the only nurses on the team, well she wasn't one completely yet. They went along, getting ready as they put out the stuff they needed and then they got to work. First, they started off by checking them over, if they really needed medical attention, they'd sent them off to the doctor. Which was in most cases and then they'd return to them for vaccination and then the needed medication the doctor had prescribed. They were only two hours when a small child was put in front of them. From the story she heard, the parents had died and now she was being looked after by the others. But when she saw the needle, she went off. "I'll go after her," Amelia reassured her teachers as she ran after her. "Just great," she muttered when she saw the child disappear into the woods. "Hey, little one where are you?" Amelia called out, realising she didn't even know the child's name. She just kept walking and calling out to the child, but didn't seem to have any luck in finding her and she was pretty certain that she'd gotten lost as well. "Well, this is so typically me." Amelia rattled off angrily as she kicked branches along the way. "What did that branch ever do wrong to you?" A heavy British accent voice said from behind her. "me getting lost." she grumbled before turning around and nearly falling flat on her face as she slipped on a piece of dirt, thank god for the stranger. She felt a pair of strong arms encircle her as she put her palms on his chest. "Steady there, we wouldn't want you to get lost and hurt now would we?" he teased her as she looked up at him with squinting eyes, a small smile playing on her lips. "Of course not, we couldn't put the forest through that," she told him as she locked eyes with him and her jaw nearly hit the ground. One thing could be said about Amelia, that beside her great passion for further educating and studying. She had another great other passion and that was following the British Royal family, particularly Kate Middleton. In a lot of ways, she was the woman she wanted to live up to. And right now it stood of her was her brother in law, the eldest of the three Wales brothers. "Your Royal Highness." she greeted him as she did a wrong curtsy. "Please none of that, you didn't curtsy when you fell into my arms," he told her in a calming and reassuring tone as he put his hand on her arm. "Alright." she sighed, it still felt wrong though to be standing there in front of him. "Alexander or Alex," he said, extending his hand to her as she gave him a small smile which he returned. "Amelia or Lou as they also call me," she told him as he let out a chuckle. "It's nice to meet you, Lou," he told her as she returned the sentence. "So what does a lovely lady such as yours do to get lost in this forest?" he asked her as he subtly turned her around to the mountain village he supposed she'd come from. "I'm here for my nursing internship. My teacher and I were at the mountain village when a small child made a run for it when seeing the needle I was about to vaccinate her with. I came looking for her without much luck as you can see and now I got lost myself." she explained to him as he gave her a steady hold whenever she slipped on the slippery ground. It had rained pretty heavily last night and the woods were slippery and dangerous. And it seemed she had a knack for slipping as he put a steady hand on her back. "And what are you doing here if I may be so curious?" she wondered, looking up at him, with her small frame he was towering over her easily as he smiled down at her. "I'm here to check out a new charity of mine," he explained to her as she nodded her head knowingly. "And is it to your liking?" she asked him as he nodded his head. "yes it is. It's a great conservatory program." he informed her as she nodded her head. "You have a big heart for animals?" she asked him, knowing the answer already. Though she was more interested in Kate Middleton, the rest of the royal family had captured her interest as well. "And you, your internship, why come here?" he asked her in interest, none could deny that she was a beautiful woman. there was something about her that sucked him in without him even wanting it. Those beautiful blue eyes of hers just sucked her in and he couldn't help but be interested in her. she had such a warm and welcoming aura around her. It was hard to imagine that a woman like he didn't have anyone waiting home on her. "It was a chance our school provided and I wanted it, nothing special. It was always my dream to come to Africa, though my dream and reality are a bit different," she told him with a small chuckle as he saw the spark in her eye. "How come?" he asked her, asking questions about her wasn't so bad, he couldn't give anything away about himself that way. Although a warm feeling in his chest wouldn't mind sharing stuff with this woman. "I love nature, I imagined coming here to see the animals in their natural habitat, not in an enclosure where they can never be really happy. To see the amazing place that I've read so much about and dreamt so much about. But in the last three weeks and a half, we've been more or less stuck in local villages and medical centres. it's why we're here after all." she noted with a small shrug of her shoulders, she shouldn't really complain. She was here and it was still amazing. "I get you," he whispered, looking down at her as her head lifted to look at him. Those eyes of hers locking with his and it felt like she was looking into his soul. "The animals are really home here," he whispered as they paused to look at each other. "I guess I'll still have a chance to come here and help them as well. I'd love to volunteer at a centre," she told him as he smiled down at her. "An honourable idea." he agreed as she smiled up at him. "It is." she agreed with a small sigh. "any particular animal?" he asked her as they continued to walk to the village, she probably hadn't realised how far she'd gotten off the path. "Elephants," she whispered in an awed voice and there was no doubt that she spoke from the heart. "They're just so gentle for their size, I just love them. I once saw a documentary that they leave no one behind, they care for their herd, it was so beautiful. Even if it isn't their young they'll still look after it. They are a real family and then there was this scene where a baby had died and that mother. God, I still get chills when I think back to it. I wanted to crawl into the screen and help the baby elephant myself. I guess I've always been fascinated by them." she finished, her head tilted up to look at him again, she simply couldn't look away for two reasons. One he was the future king of England and why did she even talk to him. She was a nobody compared to him, he was a Royal, yes with no wife, but still. And yet it was so easy to talk to him, it didn't feel like an effort, it just came naturally to her and it felt amazing to talk to someone like that. "You really love them," he noted, hearing the passion and love in her voice. He doubted this woman could hide anything even if she wanted to. Her eyes spoke so much that it was there for him to read them. And her voice it was truly a voice to her soul. It echoed exactly what she must be feeling and it was amazing to meet someone like that. Someone so real that their own body would betray them if they even tried to lie. "You?" she asked him as he nodded his head. "I love them as well, they're incredible animals, I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them in real life, helping them. their really gentle giants," he told her as he smiled at the excited grin on her face and he couldn't help but share his story about it. "That must have been amazing," she whispered in awe and amazement as she heard him tell the story of when he'd bathed with them as he nodded his head. "It was." he agreed, letting her go through a narrow passage. if he was being honest he was taking the long road, he knew this forest pretty well from when visited. And he wanted to spend more time with her, not thinking of her teacher and the team she was with. "And your second favourite animal?" he asked her as she let out a chuckle. "Eagle." she grinned up at him as he laughed, those two couldn't be more different even if they tried. "And why may I ask?" he asked her with a chuckle, god despite how well she was able to be read, she was still full of surprises. "They're the fastest, they're free, they only have to spread their wings and go where they want to be. To just go where the wind takes them," she whispered in a soft voice and he knew by the tone of her voice that there must be more to the story. "Yours?" she asked him, changing the subject. "probably monkeys, but I love them all, probably as you do." he pointed out as she nodded her head. "I do, I grew up on a farm, still live on one, I couldn't live without animals." she admitted as it was his turn to smile down at her. "what animals?" he asked her, curious. "The strays, the ones no one else wants anymore. My grandparents are really weak to those. We've got horses, goats, sheep, cows, cats, dogs, name it, we probably have it." she told him with a small wave of her hand. "I'd love that." he chuckled as she smiled up at him with a small tilt of her head. "It comes with challenges," she admitted as he nodded his head at that as the trees started to open up a bit more. "Seems our time is over together." he pointed out with some regret as he smiled down at her. "So it would seem," she noted, she didn't know it, but she'd been gone for over three hours. Talking to Alexander for over a little of an hour and a half of that. It hadn't seemed that long though, she'd truly enjoyed her time talking with him. "Amelia Mertens, do you have any idea how worried I've been about you," Nathalie said, charging up to her as she enveloped the young woman in her arms. She cared about her as she did about her daughter. And when the small child had returned and she hadn't all sorts of thoughts had run through her head. She was just happy to see her back well and safely. "I'm fine Nathalie," she assured her in Dutch as she rubbed her hand up and down in a comforting manner on her back. "Do you know what mess it would have been to tell everyone we lost you in the Rwanda forest?" she asked her with a small smack on her arm as Amelia let out a small chuckle at the chaos that would have brought. "It isn't funny." Nathalie scolded her in Dutch as she shared a small smile with Alexander still beside her. "It's fine Nathalie, I haven't got a scratch and I had a great guide," she assured her as she motioned to Alexander beside her and she let out a sigh of relief when she didn't recognise him immediately. she supposed with the gruff beard it would be a bit harder. "thanks for bringing this troublemaker back to me," Nathalie said as she shook his hand. "Don't worry about it, she was no trouble at all, we had quite an interesting conversation and she held me company on my way back here," he explained to the seemingly worried teacher of Amelia and he wondered how old Amelia really was. She had wisdom to her that would make you think she was older than she really was. "We're staying here tonight, we went out looking for you and we'll finish up tomorrow." Nathalie told her charge as Amelia nodded her head. "guess we'll have a bit more time to talk." Alexander said with a happy tone. *** "I don't think your teacher knows who I am," Alexander whispered in her ear later that evening as they sat around the campfire, they'd have to get creative as to how they'd go to bed. It hadn't been planned, but Amelia didn't worry too much about it, the starry night sky above her was all she needed really. "I don't think so either." Amelia agreed with a chuckle as she saw her talking to a few people of the town. "It would leave me with a lot of things to explain though," she told him as he let out a small chuckle, seeing her shiver for the second time in a short space of time. She only had her outfit on from today and a hoodie she'd probably worn in the morning. Not enough to get her through the chilly nights by far so he shrugged out of his hoodie. "Here," he whispered softly draping it over her shoulders as she snuggled into it. "Thank you, but won't you get cold now?" she asked him a bit worried, looking at him and since they were sitting they were more or less on the same eye level. "don't worry about me, I can always steal some heath from you," he told her as he wrapped his arm around her playfully and pushed the thought away of how good it felt before pulling his arm back. "I guess that would only be a fair deal." she agreed with a small chuckle, feeling the warmth of his hoodie seeping into her, his arm around her had felt all too amazing to ignore. she wanted his arm to wrap back around her shoulders, but she should remind herself of who she was sat beside. They could keep amazing conversations. First, it had been about the animals. When he'd helped them to clean up after that, they'd talked about their school. And it's where he got to know that she was only 25 years old, 12 years younger than him. First, she'd studied Geography with a speciality in history. But when she realised that it wouldn't get her a job she'd gone back to school and decided on nursing. Apparently, there was a program in Belgium that helped people to study if they didn't get a job. And through that program she was here, studying to become a nurse. Then he'd finally started to open up to her about his years at a school where he too had studied Geography before going into the army and learning to fly a helicopter. Much like his brother William, he had joined the Air ambulance, but that of London. Then they'd talked about their passions from the animals to her curiosity for knowledge and his desire to serve his country. But now that he was a full-time royal he could no longer fly the helicopter. He didn't know how or when it had become so easy to talk to her, to open up to her. Probably from the moment they had met. "How much longer will you be here?" he asked her, curious to know if he'd have another chance of running into her. He knew she was staying at the capital with guest families. Her teacher, Amelia and her best friend Chloe were apparently staying at one place, whilst the others were divided over others. "A week and a half, on one hand, I'm happy to be going home, to see my grandparents and my two small dogs, but on the other hand I wished I could stay longer so I could see a bit more of this amazing continent," Amelia admitted as she let out a small yawn as the sound of the crackling fire and the small whispers of people talking around them talking lulled her in. "As you said, maybe you'll still have a chance at that," he told her, not wanting to see her down. He could understand her to need to see Africa, all of his family had a great love for this continent, so it wasn't hard for him to understand her fascination with it. "How long are you going to stay here?" she asked him, cupping the cup of tea in her hands which smelled very sweet and of red berries. "around the same time as yours then I'm going to Tanzania and then to Botswana. I'm helping out here this summer," he explained to her as she nodded her head at him. She could imagine that with such a public life such as it would be nice to come here and just be himself. She no longer saw him as HRH Prince Alexander of Wales, heir to the throne. No, she saw him as Alex, the kind, sweet, caring and amazing guy she got to meet. "Want to meet up tomorrow evening, I'm going into the capital tomorrow, meeting with people for a future tour here. I'm free in the evening, I'd like to take you out," he told her, deciding that to hell with everything, his role, his duty. It didn't matter here, this young and incredibly woman had captured his interest and wanted more time with her. "as much as I'd love that, I have the late shift tomorrow at the medical centre. Would it be too much to ask for a day later?" she asked him, maybe if she asked Chloe to switch she wouldn't make as much of a fuss about switching than about finding out the reason why. "The day after tomorrow?" he asked her as she nodded her head. "I've got a day off then," she told him with a small smile as he nodded his head. "It's a deal." he agreed when he saw her shiver again and pulled her a bit closer to him and ignored the voice that told him not to and listened to his gut that told him that this was right. Outfit

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