An Inconvenient Attachment || Fictional
An Inconvenient Attachment || Fictional dating-horror-stories stories

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It was only then when I realized I messed up.

An Inconvenient Attachment || Fictional

My friend had called me over to sit with her at lunch, I was walking over there until I saw a person who was lonely and wearing a black hoodie over their head.

When I went to sit with her she introduced me to a new app that had only recently come out. The name was "Find inc." I asked her what it meant and she said I could find new friends.....

maybe even a boyfriend. She new I was searching for something like that so I immediately downloaded the app on my phone.

Afterschool I went to my house and went striaght to my computer, I couldn't wait to go on Find inc.

I made a profile and already got a friend request! A few days after that I had many online friends but there was on that stood out....Morgan.

We had really got on quite well and I thought it was time to meet in person. He agreed!

Once we met in person I was surprised! It was the person wearing the black hoodie. How did I not notice how cute he was?!? He was so sweet.

He gave me a little photo of me-wait a minute I never showed him how i looked before...I asked him how he got and he convinced me that I had sent him a photo of me before.

So I went home and I just wanted to read all of our messages again. When I finished I realized I never sent him a photo of me...

The next time we met I asked him again how he got the photo of me and he managed to convince me again. We went on multiply dates. I thought everything was going normal until i saw his room...

He had hundreds of photos of me. I then knew that I shouldn't date him. Everytime I was away from him I just kept running back to him.

And here we are today dating over and over even if I shouldn't be dating him.

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