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A note to the one I love.

Too the one I love,

I hope you read this,

Maybe not now though,

Maybe in a few years,

When I’m nothing but an faded memory of someone you used to know,

Maybe when your married to the pretty girl in the back of math class,

The one who twirls her blonde hair around her finger as she talks,

The one that everyone knows and loves,

Maybe you’ll read it then,

Maybe you’ll read it tomorrow,

And then when we run into each other between lunch break you’ll pull me into a hug and rub my back in a comforting way,

Because that’s what you do,

You make everything better,

Maybe you won’t read this at all,

It is just a small story on a app your not even on,

But that doesn’t matter to me,

Because in 20 years when we’ve both grown up,

When we’re both with someone else,

I’ll think back to you,

The way your eyes light up when you smile,

The way you drape your arm around my shoulders because the comfort and touch is what we both need,

The way that your smile makes me believe that I’m the only one that matters,

And when we’ve fallen out of love,

And we’re both with someone new,

I hope you think back to me fondly,

Because I love you,

You are my first love,

And I don’t want to let that go,

So too the one I love,

I love you,

And you help me see,

That someone can love me too.

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