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I wrote this during a mental breakdown on my birthday in the middle of the night so I have style


What does ‘pretty’ mean?

Is it looking like the people on the front of magazines?

Is it loving yourself and showing it?

Or is it loving someone else?

‘Pretty’ doesn’t exist.

Sure the dress in the window of the shop that no one can afford is ‘pretty’,

So we watch it hoping for a day that we can afford something so ‘pretty’.

But that’s not pretty,

That dress is nothing but an object.

An object we use to help us be ‘pretty’.

In all truth you can own all the dresses and make up in the world.

You can be the person on the front of the magazine.

But that doesn’t make you pretty.

Because ‘Pretty’ is a word.

You are more than that.

Your scars.

Your marks.

Your feelings.

Your skin.

Your confidence.

From the way you move to the way you smile.

It’s ‘pretty’ to someone.

Even though it might not seem like it.

You are pretty.

You are you.

Your scars don’t change you.

Your marks don’t change you.

Your feelings don’t change you.

Your skin doesn’t change you.

Your confidence doesn’t change you.

You can’t change.

And you don’t need to.

So you might be thinking after all this, What is pretty?

The kids that think their worthless are ‘pretty’.

The adults that can’t seem to find their way are ‘pretty’.

The people who are just hoping for a way out are ‘Pretty’.

Everyone is ‘Pretty’.

You are worth it.

You are amazing.

And you are ‘Pretty’.

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