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This poem is an amalgamation of many thoughts and ideas I'v had it looks and reads better when read on one page but i sincerely hope you enjoy it.
oh, and by the way, feel free to tell me how this made you feel what meaning you got out of it your feedback means a lot as this is my first poem I'v ever posted anywhere

Where to look

A stone could hold a thousand words

As a book a thousand tails

Each graze my eyes with wonder

But most wont see

How a forest could equal the sea

He that skims over the wilting tree

Will aw at its repugnant's

he who linger's

will partake in its fruit

For one the world is wonder

The other an Equation

For most, all that matters is the destination

The blind fly to the stars

But others reach them without wings

There is wonder in the world

In the stone

In the trees

You only must know where to look

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