hot scenes with hot guys
hot scenes with hot guys sex stories

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Want to get turned on? Look no more!

hot scenes with hot guys

"Ah, fuck!" one of Tristan's hands runs through Olivia's hair as his other strokes her throbbing clit.

"Tell me you want me, Olivia." He commanded, "I want to hear you say it. Tell me who's going to fuck a baby into you."

"I want you, Tristan. I need you. I need your baby."

"If you insist, my beautiful doll." Tristan growled softly in Olivia's ear.

Tristan closed the little distance that was between them, crashing his lips against hers. His cock, rock hard, was leaking with desire for this tantalizingly perfect girl.

Her skin was hot and smooth against his, and he leaned back to get a better view of her body. She was ripe. She was firm and shiny. She was his living, breathing, Aphrodite. Ready to serve him.

"I'm done waiting. Please, hurry." The fire in her voice only made Tristan wince harder, wanting her more than anything.

Suddenly, she was on Tristan. She settled her slit over his aching cock.

She kissed him with the passion of a raging fire. Her moans were swallowed by his mouth.

Tristan rolled forcefully. "No, no." He scolded. "You wait for me. Luckily, I'm in a good mood today. Tell me again how you feel. I want to hear you say it." He snarled.

"I need you, Tristan. Please, I can't wait any longer. I need to be wrapped around you, consumed by you. Just let me have you."

Olivia shifted her hips and legs so that she was wide open and ready for Tristan. The glint in her eyes said it all, breasts throbbing just below.

His eyes locked with hers as he slid inside of hers. Both Tristan's and Olivia's moans stuffily filled the room they were in.

As he forced himself further into Olivia, he noticed how incredibly tight she was. She felt like heaven around him.

"Just.." Olivia's sentence was immediately cut short by a moan, "Just.. just imagine- Imagine how good it will feel. With your warm come- your warm come inside me, helping us- helping us out."

Tristan growled at her. "Stop it. You know I don't like when you make me come sooner than I want."

As a punishment, Tristan pulled almost all the way out of Olivia and then slammed back down. Although her moans sounded painful, Tristan knew she enjoyed it.

"Ugh, Tristan. You're so good. Please, I need more."

Tristan pulled out.


"We will take a short break, and then. Then we can continue. Now come here and snuggle with me."

Her skin still hot against him, Tristan breathed in Olivia's sweet scent. She was tainted with come, perfume, and even smelled faintly of Tristan's fleshy shaft. He inhaled once again.

After lying still for nearly half an hour, Tristan began to notice his cock getting hard again. Olivia's body was still shiny and naked in front of him, and he knew she would obey him.

"Olivia." He whispered. "It's time to go again."

Olivia sat up, blinking her eyes, hair all ruffled. She looked adorably vulnerable.

"Okay, Tristan. Get in me."

"Whatever you want, sweetheart." Tristan grinned against Olivia's mouth before pressing their lips together once more.

He smoothed his kisses back down her neck, and she shrugged at the tickle of his breath.

He added a small nibble to his kiss, just enough to tease the thin skin of Olivia's neck. She moaned and rolled over, inviting him to pleasure her once more.

He pressed his increasingly large shaft against her once more and she moaned while reaching down to get him into position.

As he slid tightly into her once again, her mouth opened and she leaned back.


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