Love for the Lonely
Love for the Lonely poetry stories

famousdog Community member
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About a lonely person who feels connection for the first time and is uncertain on how this will change their future.

Love for the Lonely

I don't have a story to tell, Just a thought on a Sunday morning, When the weather was warm and bright, Faceless smiles out the windows, Whilst I long for the laughter outside.

Give me an anecdote to say If I ever speak again, So people will know I'm somebody, Not just a hollow shell.

I was born on a winter's day, I'm not meant for the sun. This is who I'm suppose to be, No point trying to change this one.

But when I saw your sparkling eyes, I knew not to look again Because that moment captured my future, It's uncertainty a dread.

I've never known that feeling before, It can't be a good sign. A feeling of hope when there is nothing, Best to lose nothing than cry.

But the sparkle was so beautiful And your words so majestic. I want to see this future, So I'll take my chance with a 'maybe'.

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