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This is the first section of a letter I wrote to someone I really try to forget about.

You again?

You again, you who fell from such a high position in my life for the lowest of sin?

To commit the act of adultery is nothing but a mere sentence to the seldom below where hades and the devil intertwine in a battle for your soul.

How they dance around your corpse and sing jolly tunes of your arrival for God had said in his holy of books and commanded that thou shall not commit adultery.

Yet you did not listen, no I understand, I too do not believe in the almighty being above the clouds that lay waste to those who are not his followers.

Yet I believe in love, in the power of trust and honesty, to hold these truths close to one's own heart.

Yet at the first strike of an immediate argument,

the tiniest of squabbles which I took blame for again and again you sought the greeted arms of a friend who had mistakenly forgotten of our bond and you the same,

and soon both you and him would find each other's lips pressed together in the sight of a make-belief god.

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