Wrecked (Poem #14)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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That wrecked me even more ...

Wrecked (Poem #14)

"Are you alright?"

I can't see anything clear anymore,

I'm not alright, I'm not okay,

My senses are fading.

"Can you hear me?"

I can't recollect what you're saying,

I can simply see your lips move,

I can't feel my ears tingle at the slightest touch.

"Can you feel anything?"

My heart along with my body is completely numb,

My feelings of touch have just disappeared,

And now I've got the real problems.

"Can you see how many fingers I'm holding up?"

Everything's blurry,

My eyes feel heavy,

They are weaker and weaker every second.

"Baby, what are you thinking?"

I open my eyes and look at the screen

Seeing him looking at me,

With his lips moving suddenly.

"I thought you got into a car crash earlier."

My eyes sparked open,

My ears started to tingle,

My feeling in my fingers came back to me.

"I'm Glad you didn't, I'm glad you're okay. I was worried."

That wrecked me completely,

The boy before me on the screen actually cared,

He actually and truly cared for me.

"I love you, baby."

That wrecked me once more,

Who was this boy,

And where did he come from?

"Do you love me?"

He couldn't hear me but I smiled and replied alike.

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