Wasteland (Poem #15)
        Wasteland (Poem #15) poem stories

falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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Gotta stay alive ...

Wasteland (Poem #15)

I still remember everything, an' everyone,

Walked through those doors and I felt numb,

Everything I ever loved and knew was gone.

And just like that, the apocalypse started,

All of the sudden, we're the last human martyrs,

The Trident has departed.

I'm stuck with my friends

Too late to make amends

Now we're swinging for the fence

We gotta stay alive in this Wasteland,

Our strides won't be broken,

Our souls never provoked an',

Our spirit never winded,

We'll go to the finish,

Our fires never quenched,

Took a seat on a bench, took it all in,

The normal life we were livin' isn't so vivid,

How long do we listen? How long has it been?

Everything's so different, not even a raging current,

It's magnificent, was this an accident?

So many questions, It's like a dream but we're livin' it,

But we gotta survive in it,

Left by our parents, was it deliberate?

Guess we'll never get the answer to it,

Our only hope is in the heavens,

We gotta get to the Trident, how do we reach it?

Everything's belligerent,

We can only be reminiscing, of the old Earth we lived in,

Why the sudden change?

It caused us so much pain,

Hate it when it rains, it's just not the same,

We're gonna go insane, in the sky, not a single plane,

These creatures can't be tamed,

Now even domestics have fangs,

We may be the last hope, for the whole human race,

And just like that, the apocalypse started.

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