Want You Back (Poem #6)
    Want You Back (Poem #6) poetry stories

falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I don't really want you back ...

Want You Back (Poem #6)

I've been waiting for that day,

That day when you say you want me back,

But so much time has passed,

I'm not sure I want you back,

I just want the life that we had.

You took my heart,

Ripped it right from my chest,

As threw it into the flames to watch it burn,

I took our pictures,

Right from the frames,

And threw them on the ground with no remorse.

I've been waiting for the that day,

That day when you decide to come back to me,

And I feel hurt,

I don't want to let you go,

But I can't hold you close anymore, not after what you've done.

I don't want you close,

I just needed you to know, That I don't want you back,

I can wait all of eternity and my answer will never change,

I never seem to understand you,

You are one way and then you're another,

Was this your mission?

I don't really want you back,

I just want the life we had,

I just want the peace I used to know,

I just want the joy I used to have,

I just want the happiness I once gave,

I just want the pureness I once learned.


I don't want you back,

And I never will.

I threw out the picture from the frames,

If that isn't enough to tell you how much I hate you,

Then nothing ever will.

But I really don't want or need you back in my life.

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