Savage Love (Poem #28)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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Your savage love ...

Savage Love (Poem #28)

They're not the perfect couple,

Nothing about them is flawless,

But they always seems to stand tall,

Even through all the agony, the despair, the pain, the fights.

When I look at you two,

All I can see are two unique people dancing on your own,

You need one another to become greater,

But you do need one another to get through obstacles in life.

They always seems to be distant,

But when those tough times come to be,

They come together and lean on each other,

Almost as if they were touched by Angels themselves.

I see pure contentedness in her eyes,

I see complete relaxation in his movements,

And together they become something much greater,

They mock the perfect couple.

Savage love is so implied in their relationship,

The break their hearts down with ease,

Then they pick one another back up,

Eleven for all of their haughty mistakes.

They say thank you for all of the pain,

But they never lose their love.

They only gain what wasn't there,

Their savage love towards one another actually works.

Watching them makes me feel some type of way,

A type of way that let's me know love is possible,

Savage love or not,

You know what they have is so very true.

Through the long hours and the dying emotions,

They never let their love falter,

They simply build it back up,

Like they have been doing all along.

Savage love is easily seen in their relationship,

But it never seems to break them.

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