Pray (Poem #22)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I pray ...

Pray (Poem #22)

I stand there,

That gun to my head,

Cocked and loaded.

I call you,

Waiting for you to pick up,

Waiting and hurting.

You never answer,

The phone is throwed down,

Angered and frustrated.

I pray quietly,

My eyes closed tightly,

Shaking and shifting.

My fingers quake,

My entire body is cold,

Broken and bruised.

I can't care enough to miss you,

The thoughts race through my head quickly,

My heart starts to run away again.

Empty bottles,

Broken dishes,

Empty glasses.

My heart races,

I pull the trigger,

Falling and falling.

I can no longer pray,

I can no longer be fixed,

I can no longer be something.

I pray,

As the blood drains,

And my heart starts to fail,

Everything shuts down.

I simply pray for you to love me once more.

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