Only Know (Poem #8)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I Only know ...

Only Know (Poem #8)

The thing I regret most is letting you walk out that door,

Sure, I was a kid but I could have done something,

I could have stopped you,

I could have begged you.

You came and went like a choice,

And it truly was your choice,

But did you ever think about what it would do to your daughter?

If you can't understand me,

If you can't understand this family,

Do you really belong here?

The truth is finally breaking through about you,

You left and you never even looked back when I cried,

We're not in perfect harmony,

Instead, we're supposed to be enemies.

My whole life,

I was raised to hate you,

I was raised to detest you,

But do I really?

I cry now when I think about how you did me as a child,

The mental abuse, the physical abuse, the sexual assault,

But I still can't find it in my heart to hold a grudge,

Instead, I still love you.

I only know what I've been told about you,

I only know what you did,

I only know how you act alone,

I only know so much about you.

When you go,

My love doesn't leave,

Just know that I will always be here,

Even if you aren't.

You're still gone,

I'm still alone,

Only know I love you, father.

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