Lights (Poem #16)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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The lights have done all they could do ...

Lights (Poem #16)

I look in the darkness,

But to no avail do I find myself,

I try t reach out to what I can see,

But nothing seems to even be there,

Am I dreaming?

The lights in my head are slowly dimming down,

And my hope starts to fade,

I try to find something to give me a spark,

But nothing ever seems to work,

Am I hopeless?

I want to hear all of the good things,

But my ears tingle at the slightest sound,

I can't seem to find inner peace in my voice,

For I never have the words to speak,

Am I mute?

The sight of all the little things make me wish upon faith,

Unless you can't see anything anymore,

Everything seems like a black abyss,

And my eyes are closed,

Am I blind?

Unlike silk, sandpaper is rough and brittle,

And my fingertips are bleeding ever so slowly,

I can't feel a thing,

No even my heart,

Am I broken?,

Am I constantly a mistake?

Am I misunderstanding all those words?

Am I not seeing you clearly?

Am I not the right fit for these people?

Am I alright?

My life seems to be crushing itself slowly,

And not even the lights of you can save me now,

I am too far gone,

And I won't be able to come back.

The lights have done all they could do to save me, but I can't go to them.

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