It Never Stops (Poem #7)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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It never stops ...

It Never Stops (Poem #7)

I have been through more shit than you could ever imagine,

I have seen more hurt and pain that you could ever think,

I have seen so much agony it now lives within me.

I am insecure and broken,

I try to be confident and loud,

But sometimes the pain just hits me all over again.

You know all too well what you've done to me,

You're just that person who never shows he cares,

You always think that people will be on your side.

It never stops,

The agony, pain, hurt, and despair,

It just is a constant roll that always backfires onto me once more,

It's as if I can't escape the reality within.

You created an orthodox within me,

Nobody ever approves of me anymore because of you,

You broke me and turned me into the monster.

People expect me to apologize,

But they never apologized for making me this way,

And that includes you.

I am so insecure, I can't even look at myself in the mirror,

I cry when I think I can't be perfect,

I try to power through it and find my melody but I simply can't anymore.

It never stops,

The hate, love, faith, and hope,

They are clash together causing me to turn red,

I can no longer hear them in my head.

It never stops,

My hate and love for you,

It sparks every day and it never leaves my mind.

It never stops,

The no's, betrayal, insecurity, and denial,

The spirits are red,

I can hear that in my head for they never stop.

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