I Love You (Poem #17)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I love you, CR ...

I Love You (Poem #17)

I can't help but smile whenever I look at you,

Something about you makes me feel like a better person altogether,

And you make me love you more and more every time you speak,

My smile never seems to fail with you.

My body trembles when you talk about our future together,

My mind is in shock when you do those card tricks,

And my ears feel radiated when you play that guitar,

Everything about you causes a spark within me,

I believe in the future which we hold.

I can't wait until that day comes when you can hold me in your arms,

I'll smell your sweater along with everything else,

I'll feel the warmth of your body,

I know that my life will be so much better when I can finally see you,

My faith will skyrocket the day in which I am finally yours.

Our worlds may collide,

We may be the perfect Romeo and Juliet,

But you always love me as I am and I hold that against my chest,

My heart shakes when I hear that deep, hardy voice,

I believed our worlds will one day come together and be a part of one another.

You stepped into my world just nine months ago,

We've created a bittersweet love story most people will call cliche,

But I will never believe in it or us like that,

I know that these past nine months life has been so much easier,

I trust in destiny and I believe in fate.

I love you so damn much that you'll never understand it,

Even when life can be so mean,

You always seem to break there and be there for me when I need you the most,

You never leave my side and your eyes never leave mine,

I know that this love of mine is true to you.


We're in perfect harmony with one another and I praise that,

We never give up on each other and never play pretend,

I love you and I can say that with my whole heart,

I will never give up on you or us.

You stepped into my world, and I will make sure you never leave.

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